4 Reasons Why You Need Crystals In Your Life Right Now…

4 Reasons Why You Need Crystals In Your Life Right Now

I never used to pay much attention to my energy needs except for when I needed a cup of coffee. It just seemed too abstract. I focused on the more tangible health stuff like good nutrition (with some added chocolate of course), exercising so I could fit into my jeans and trying to determine what a “healthy” amount of wine was. Fun side note – still not sure what that amount is but I’m having fun experimenting.

It wasn’t until I turned 29 and I hit a major turning point in my life that I was forced to stop and really look at my life as whole and how I was feeling. I hated my job working as a recruiter in a big city. My live-in partner whom I loved as a person, was not someone I was romantically in love with anymore. I had spent the last 4 years building a life I thought I wanted and all of a sudden realized that this wasn’t it! It all felt so, for lack of a better word, off.

So often we run on energetic auto-pilot. Getting caught up in our daily “to-do” list, balancing work, family, and social life. Rarely is “check on my energetic needs” on that list. When you are disconnected from your energy you are disconnected from your purpose and passion. The brain will fill in the blanks with ideas of ways to feel better – vacations, that cute purse, a promotion, when your body is asking for something much simpler – a moment to tune in.

This is where crystals make their grand entrance. Crystals have their own energy frequency and different healing qualities. Adding crystals into your life means you are taking a moment to check in on your energetic needs. So here are the top 4 reasons you should have crystals in your life right now!

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1) They give you insight into your current energetic needs

Picking one “at random” gives you insight into what your current energetic needs are. The most common question I get is “how do I pick the right crystal for me?”. And the answer is super simple: Pick the one you are drawn to. Your energy will literally do the talking for you. And the fun part is reading up on what the healing qualities of the stone are after you have picked it. This will give you insight into what your energy is asking for support with. And now you have picked the right crystal for your energetic needs!

2) Holding them allows for mini meditations during your day

Remember #1 where you pick one that you are drawn to and find out what kind of energetic support you need? Well, this works well for #2. Carry that lovely crystal with you during the day. When you take a moment to hold it and look at it, you are taking a moment for your energy. You have stopped to tune in. That is always a beautiful thing. You are doing mini energy exercises all day long. Little steps at a time. You are building a routine/habit of tapping into your energetic needs and how you are feeling.

3) A visual reminder of your self-care

This is all about the little steps in your life. And lots of little steps can lead to big changes. Crystals are an amazing visual reminder that you have taken the time and effort to tune into your energy. They also represent the support that you already have – remember each crystal has its own frequency of healing already. They are the perfect little loving reminder that you are supported on your journey. Like a sparkly hug.

4) They are easier than a plant to care for

Love the good vibes of a live plant but can’t commit to watering it every day? Me either! Crystals are a great way to add some good energy to your space and if you leave for a 2-week vacation you won’t need to ask the neighbor to water them. Plus they are visually beautiful. And this follows #3 where they are a great visual reminder of your self-care. I have different crystals for my office vs. home. And in case you are wondering how you should pick which crystals for where – refer to #1!!

This list is meant to make crystals and tapping into your energy an easy addition to your life. Taking small steps to tap into your energy needs can make big changes. It’s like doing squats every day except for your energy. It takes commitment and a little effort but over time you see the results. And the results with listening to your energy are limitless.


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Ellie Karas is a Crystal Energy Healer based on Vancouver Island, Canada. She helps clients get out of their head…

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