Why Aren’t My Crystals Working?…

Why Aren’t My Crystals Working?

So you’ve always loved collecting crystals and hoping their benefits will manifest into your well-being. You’ve been wearing your crystals daily, meditating on them, and even burning incense around them hoping they will work – but there seems to be no noticeable benefits.

Fear not, you are not alone, many people think their crystals are broken when in actual fact they are perfectly fine and just require some fine-tuning. Here are the 5 main reasons why your crystals aren’t working the way you expected.

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The activation process

Many people are unaware that for each gem and crystal, there are specific activation routines needed to stimulate the gem or crystals. Here are the world’s 5 most common crystals and their specific activation guidelines (you’re welcome):

  1. Quartz: Requires running water such as a stream (but under the faucet will be fine). 1 minute per stone is sufficient to activate your quartz
  2. Amethyst: Requires complete submersion in salt water for 48 hours – rinse and pat dry when complete
  3. Black Tourmaline: Requires 24-hour burial in brown rice to eradicate negative energy (dispose of the rice when complete)
  4. Moonstone: Requires to be activated by sage smudging – light your sage smudge stick and hold the moonstone in the smoke for 30 seconds or more
  5. Onyx: Requires a full moonlight and sunshine cycle – Place the onyx in a bowl of clean water and allow to stand outdoors for 24 hours

There are numerous gems and crystals available to us, so remember to do your research and activate them prior to use.

The cleansing process

Now that you’ve activated your crystal, remember that your crystal is personal and requires isolation from other people or negative energy. If your crystal is touched by someone or if you find yourself in a situation of negative energy remember to cleanse your crystal before you use or wear it again. The energy transferred to your crystal needs to ‘emptied’ and reset from time to time.

The more you use your crystal, the more energy it collects – a rule of thumb is to try and cleanse your crystals at least once a month. Remember that if an individual stone is feeling heavier than usual, go ahead and cleanse it. You don’t have to wait a designated amount of time between cleanings.

The location of the crystal

It’s very important to remember that some stones need to be in constant contact with your skin in order to work, while others don’t. When you are selecting your stone, do some research to clarify whether your stones require skin contact or if you can just carry your stone around or be in the same room as your stones and the benefits will manifest.

The selection of the correct crystal for you

Crystals and stones carry a unique healing power and energy. Finding the correct stone for you is easier than it seems, some stones actually call out to you, while others wait for you to find them. The best way to find out which stone is for you is to meditate on your feelings and find the root to your emotions and feelings. From there, you will find the direction to the stone that your energy needs (don’t forget to activate and cleanse your stone once you have it).

The authenticity of your crystal

The number 1 tip for identifying the authenticity of your stone is when you first touch it, it needs to feel cool just like the deep ground it was formed in. When you wear it the transfer of energy from you to the stone will heat it up – but when touching your stone at a store or wherever you find it make sure it feels cool to the touch.

Most stones and crystals are smooth, without any nicks or bubbles so look out for that. Look out for any imperfections or inconsistency with texture and color – if it looks unnatural or fake to you, trust your gut because chances are it’s a fake. Lastly, feel the weight of your stone. Crystals are significantly heavier than glass, so play around with it first because if you have a piece of glass posing as a crystal then it definitely won’t work!

So whenever you have a feeling that your crystals aren’t exactly working just remember to consult these 5 reasons and your stone will be back to its full potential in no time. Important tip to remember: The most important thing your crystal needs is your belief. If you have faith and believe in your crystal, your crystal will heal you


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