5 Crystals For New Year’s Intention Setting…

5 Crystals For New Year’s Intention Setting

What are your intentions for 2018?

Quit sugar, start your own business, move to a new city, cultivate more self-love, get a promotion, create more abundance, quit your job, start a regular meditation or yoga practice, travel the world…whatever it is, crystals are a powerful tool to support you and help you create the space to manifest your intention. Energy flows where your attention goes, and crystals can help redirect your energy to your intention. Use them as part of your meditation, yoga, mantra, or tarot practice to increase your manifesting power and bring your intentions to reality in the new year.

My personal mantra for the new year is to do less, flow more— as a reminder that the more I flow and allow, the more I receive. These crystals will help you flow, allow, create space, and manifest.

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Sodalite is a magical throat chakra stone that helps with speaking your truth, creating harmony and inner peace, and connecting with intuition. It increases your confidence and self-esteem by helping you know yourself on a deep level, which is critical for intention setting. How can you set intention if you don’t know what your highest self most desires?

Indigo Gabbro

Use indigo gabbro to set intentions from a place of clarity and connection to your highest consciousness. This stone helps you connect to new moon energy, which is a powerful time for intention setting.

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is a powerhouse stone. According to Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible, “quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet.” This stone amplifies your energetic vibration, so make sure you’re in a space where you believe that your intention is coming to you when you use it.


This crystal is perfect for the new year because it’s all about letting go of negative habits and limiting beliefs to create the opportunity for new energy and change. It’s also a grounding root chakra stone, which is a great complement to all the change it can bring about!


Citrine is a solar plexus stone, so it’s all about strengthening your authentic, personal power. It’s also known as a happy stone that manifests abundance and opens you up to joy, optimism, and positive energy. Cheers to an incredible New Year of growth, purpose, and flow. Comment below and share your favorite crystal for manifesting and intention setting!


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Eryn Johnson

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