The 5 Best Healing Crystals To Increase Concentration And Focus…

The 5 Best Healing Crystals To Increase Concentration And Focus

Since ancient times, people have actively used natural stones not only in magical ceremonies but also for healing. This is not surprising, because gems in addition to their beauty really work for the benefit of their owner. If you also want to experience healing power, bring good luck to your life, and become more productive, then you need to pay attention to crystals for mental focus from our article.

Do you doubt that crystals can somehow affect your mind or body? You may not believe it, but there are numerous studies regarding the healing properties of stones. For example, in 2001, a study was conducted on the healing properties of stones. For this study, 80 participants meditated with crystals. Those participants who meditated with real crystals felt an amazing effect on the body. And those who meditated with fake stones did not feel any changes in the body.

Crystals are also actively used in alternative medicine. Today people produce many products from natural stones, for example, roller massagers for the face, which have become the top products in the body care industry. Therefore, to statement that crystals have a positive effect on both the mind and the body is quite reasonable and scientifically proven.

For this reason, we suggest you discover the top 5 crystals for focus that can become your good helpers.

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1) Aventurine

Often this mineral is green, yellow, and much less cherry. This natural stone is able to give its owner a good mood, good spirits, and create clarity of thinking. Greenish minerals blow freshness and vigor, which pushes to action and give the energy. Also, this mineral serves as a protection against evil eyes for its owner.

As for healing properties, the stone has an anti-inflammatory effect. Many note that this mineral normalizes blood pressure and helps people with lung problems.

2) Alexandrite

This stone attracts by the fact that it changes its color. For example, in natural light, it looks emerald green. And with artificial light, it becomes of a purple-red hue. This is a crystal for studying and it is ideal for students who study law or international relations. It affects the improvement of memory and even contributes to the development of intuition. More importantly, Alexandrite is able to balance the emotional state of its owner.

The stone helps its owner not to lose heart in difficult moments. Also, this mineral helps to unlock creativity abilities.

3) Amethyst

This purple gem is well known to those who practice meditation. Violet amethyst is ideal for those who have trouble concentrating and studying. Very often, this stone is chosen by philosophers and those who are engaged in scientific activities. Also, this stone is suitable not only for these purposes, but also for good luck, prosperity, and protection from evil eyes.

Amethyst also relieves headaches, depression, and bad mood. It has long been believed that this crystal allows people to develop the inner world and even intuition.

4) White opal

This stone isn’t purely white – it can be from milky to black. However, this is a mineral that will contribute to the development of memory, improving mental activity and concentration. As an amulet, white opal calms the nerves and helps choleric and sanguine people balance their emotions.

Also, this mineral will help get rid of stress and even depression. In ancient times, doctors wore rings with this mineral to alleviate the pain and suffering of their patients.

5) Jasper

This stone can have various shades and it is a real helper for those who do not know how to concentrate but constantly need to stay in an increased mental activity state. Therefore, you can safely choose this mineral as a means to achieve success in complex matters. Also, this stone is popular among those who are fond of esotericism, since the mineral allows to open the gift of foresight.

Jasper also eliminates insomnia, positively affects the reproductive system in both women and men. If you put such a crystal in the house, it will clean the house of negative energy and become a real keeper of the family hearth.

Preparing crystals for work

After you select your mineral, you need to prepare it for proper operation. Regardless of the form in which you decide to purchase a crystal, you need to set it up and make it work correctly with you. It is necessary to remove foreign energy from it.

You have probably heard more than once that you need to be careful when buying jewelry previously owned by somebody, and if so, it is necessary to remove stranger’s energy from them. The same thing with minerals, because anyway, another person touched them. How to remove someone else’s energy and charge your stone?

  • Take your stone and turn on the water.
  • Hold the crystal for several minutes under running water.
  • Wipe and dry the stone.
  • Hold the crystal in your hand for a minute and think about something good.

After such a ritual, the crystal will be charged with your energy and will work for the benefit of you and your body.

To sum up

Why not make your life better with a focus stone? As you can see, many of them will help you not only at work but with mental and physical health. Choose the one you like from crystals for concentration, start to benefit from it, and completely reboot your life.


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