3 Reasons Amethyst Is Objectively The Best Gemstone Of All Time…

3 Reasons Amethyst Is Objectively The Best Gemstone Of All Time

Large transparent mystical faceted crystal of colored lilac amethyst, chalcedony on a stone background close-up. Wonderful mineral of the royal size for the designer

Gemstones have been cherished for thousands of years by nearly every ancient culture. Obsessing over their stunning attributes, the Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks, and European powers in Medieval ages scoured the world looking for these stones, often reserving them for the absurdly rich. They were assigned all kinds of importance, from healing powers to witchcraft to God-given talismans. But most of all, they represented wealth and power.

But one stone was truly in its own league across the span of history: amethyst.

This gorgeous stone was sought-after so extensively that at one point it was considered more precious than diamonds! Seen as a representation of wealth (much more so than other stones), it was widely used for crowns of kings and bishops as a symbol of Christ.

Today, this precious stone still retains much of its allure. A quick Google of ‘gemstones’ will even show amethyst as the #1 result — despite the fact that it’s not a high-ticket purchase, nor used in major cultural ceremonies such as weddings. Even searching ‘#gemstones’ on Instagram will show a major predominance of amethyst.

So why have we, as a world-wide community, riveted our attention on this stone above others?

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1) Beauty

Obviously, one of the greatest things that makes amethyst stand out is its unparalleled beauty. Purple has a natural association in our minds with uniqueness because quite simply, we just don’t see that color very often in nature. To the ancients, it looked as if the essence of a color never seen before was ‘trapped’ or frozen in clear glass. Seeing amethyst today elicits the same reaction, often making even the most negative person stop and gaze at this gorgeous stone.

2) Accessibility/Cost

As time went by in history, gemstones became easier to procure and the overall wealth of the common people leveled the playing field. They too wanted a piece of the gemstone market. With the explosion of international trade came an insatiable desire for stones that captivated us.

Luckily, unlike rubies, diamonds, and sapphires, amethyst was much more easily mined. This drove the cost down precipitously when compared to other stones and allowed so many people to purchase it. Buying a huge hunk of diamond isn’t really feasible for most people, but a big hunk of stunning amethyst can be! This has lent greatly to the embrace of amethyst by the lay-person.

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3) Healing Power

Perhaps the most important, and often talked about when searching for amethyst, are the healing properties of this precious stone. Amethyst is highly prized by every eastern spiritual teaching for its wealth of energetic properties.

  • Physical- Many healers claim amethyst can help with physical symptoms of withdrawal from addictive substances. This is because it helps headaches and painful sensations.
  • Mental- Amethyst has a particular ability to keep the mind settled and free from restless thoughts. This is why it’s fantastic for meditation.
  • Spiritual- Focusing during meditation can be really difficult, but with a settled mind it’s much easier. Amethyst is also said to stimulate psychic abilities.

Come on…it’s the Best Stone by Far…

When you start to look at it objectively, it’s hard to deny amethyst is the undisputed king of the gemstone world. It’s spiritually powerful, accessible, and beautiful — making it a perfect addition to anyone’s life.

Like all gemstones, amethyst should be worn as close to the skin as possible, especially on the left side of the body, which is considered to be the receptive side (unless you’re left-handed, in which case it’s the opposite). You can easily find amethyst jewelry like this at the Sivana Store!


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