Give Yourself Some Love

It is essential for your overall wellbeing to love yourself and accept yourself. We live in a world today that tries to change us into something we are not. Our society, social media, family and friends perhaps, all play a part in this.

We are expected to act a certain way and look a certain way in order to fit in. But when we fall into this trap of pleasing others out of fear of being judged, we lose ourselves in the process. We become slaves to others ideals and forget our own. For some reason we believe that we, as we are, are not enough.

So many limiting beliefs we allow to rule our life. You may think you are not smart enough, because your grades at school were low and a teacher told you so. You may believe that you are not pretty enough, because someone else told you so or you may be comparing yourself to another. You may believe that you are too old or too young to start something new such as a career or a relationship, because of “what would they say”.

Please understand that “they” are not you.  They do not know your desires, fears, needs. They have also fallen into the trap of illusions of others expectations. They are following a follower, not a leader. Your leader is you. Their leader is in each one of them.

When are you going to take the mask off? And show your people whom you really are. That you have a voice, ideals and your own dreams to reach. If you do not live your life fully, the way that makes you happy, then you are not being true to the most important person in your life, that person is you. If you are not happy, you can not make another happy. If you do not love yourself, you can not truly and fully love another.

When you accept you for whom you are without judgement, you are relaxed in your own skin and then you are happy hence healthy.


Tips for self-love

1-  Daily affirmations. You can say to yourself “I am enough” or “I love and accept myself as I am”. And if you are not happy with your body’s image then make a plan to achieve a goal for this and follow it. But it all starts, the very first step is, self acceptance. 

2- Gratitude. Have a gratitude journal where everyday you can spend a few minutes in the morning writing down and feeling your gratitude for positive things and people in your life. This will shift your thoughts and feelings from anything negative you may be experiencing to a positive. When you feel out of balance and your energy is low, gratitude is a great way to get you aligned.

3- Meditation. A great way to fall asleep at night and end your day is by listening to a positive guided mediation. You can easily find them on Youtube.

4- Reward Yourself. Whenever you reach a goal, make sure that you do something special to celebrate your success. This is important, do not take yourself for granted. You have worked hard for this.

5- Do not settle. You are worth it and should not settle for anything less than what you really want and deserve. Affirm this daily and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. I am a coach and mentor working with both men and women to reach personal goals and success. For more about me visit my website at and contact me for a free consultation call.

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