Get Grounded And Regenerated With The New Moon In Taurus!…

Get Grounded And Regenerated With The New Moon In Taurus!

At the New Moon, the moon and the sun conjunct, and thanks to this planetary alignment, our masculine and feminine energies unite. When these two forces within us collaborate, our existence can shift into an evolved one, allowing us to better focus on what we want to solidify in our reality.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd will prompt us to go within to understand ourselves and our lives better. We’ll need to stay open to new understandings and concepts, prioritizing self-improvement for the health of the planet. Only with this intention in the heart, can we hope to witness a different future.

Taurus’ energy makes us value what we have and appreciate the essential things in life; it is a blessing in a way that we are in a position of slowing down and taking inventory of our lives to learn to master flexibility and exercise adaptation.

The New Moon in Taurus is also highlighting what’s not working and what needs to shift. It feels like the Universe has brought up a harsh lesson to learn. Not knowing what’s next, and not being clear about what to do is part of the collective thought-form that is creating a sense of feeling trapped, and frustrated, and it’s easy to fall into feelings of depression and hopelessness.

At the same time, the magnitude of this destructive situation is pushing our collective consciousness to awaken to a new speed, and the prolonged state of global quarantine is creating a value-reset on a planetary level.

The question is, what will we choose to learn from it?

What’s difficult is that the teacher is within, and we need to quickly learn how to listen and to trust our need to adopt a new way of living. To navigate the darkness around us, we need to look at that spark of light within us and trust that it is showing us the way.

Sometimes, we need to lose what we have, to gain the value of it. We have experienced a forced stall of activities to realize that we cherish the time dedicated to our self-care and the caring of our community.

One thing that has become clear to us, is that we as humanity, care. It is not true that we are here to take advantage of our fellow man. We are experiencing that we care for each other, that we are willing to put our lives on the line for each other. We cry for the people that suffer or die, that we want to be in each other’s company, and that we love sharing ourselves with the world.

On April 25th, the Moon and Sun will move into Uranus, creating a wave of rebellious energy and a strong sense of freedom will open up for our collective. We can use this energy to shake up our sense of powerlessness and to contribute to the change that is needed. To better serve life, we need to focus on what we believe and don’t give up on it. We can use the higher frequency of collective awareness that this New Moon is providing, to open our eyes and see the truth of what is happening to the world and our society.

This New Moon may feel very slow at times, so please make sure that you are taking good care of yourself and your nervous system at this intense time of uncertainty.

To help lower your distress, mentally journey into your favorite place in nature, and imagine being surrounded by the peaceful melodies of the songs of the birds. Feel caressed by a mild wind, while your feet are touching the water of a small stream, bringing a sense of calmness and release. Repeat this exercise as many times as you need.

During this meditation, hold a vision for a new future and for new values to form. Remember, all will go back into balance if each of us works on nurturing that balance within.


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