3 Quick & Easy Ways To Get Back To Your Center When You’re Stuck At Your Desk…

3 Quick & Easy Ways To Get Back To Your Center When You’re Stuck At Your Desk

Kick the Desk Blues

In a busy world of meetings and deadlines, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

As spiritually-minded people, we do our best to remain conscious and present as much as possible, but even the most well-intentioned can succumb once in a while to the irritation known in our society as “a case of the Mondays.”

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Stress Always Finds Us

If you are a mindful person in a sea of frazzled corporate executives, you might often feel a little out of place. Everyone else is comparing stress levels while you’re all “Yay, Monday! Time for a fresh start!”

They’re guzzling coffee while you’re sipping your smoothie. They’re counting down the minutes until Friday, but YOU know there’s something special about Monday.

Maybe it’s that evening yoga class you’re looking forward to. Maybe it’s the energy of setting brand new intentions for the week. Whatever it is that makes Monday float your boat, rock your world, knock your socks off – ultimately your goal is to stay present and enjoy the moment that you’re in, when you’re in it.

Monday or Saturday, it’s only a page on a calendar.

That said, we’re only human and sometimes stress gets the best of us. Years of sticking out like a serene yet sore thumb in an office environment taught me a few tricks for keeping my cool at work, and getting back to center when my cool has been lost.

Identify your stressors and, ideally, the time of day they show their faces. It’s a lot easier to alleviate stress if you know what the triggers are. Think about the things that cause you tension throughout the day.

Is it your full inbox first thing in the morning? Leaving at the end of the day knowing you still haven’t reached the bottom of your pile? Or maybe it’s that mid-afternoon slump that has you feeling drained. Whatever it is, acknowledge it and move on.

1) Take a Moment

Keep a quote at your desk that always gets you back to center, or pop in your earbuds for a minute and listen to a song that soothes you. Reach out to a friend via email who always puts a smile on your face.

Take a short walk around the office, or simply close your eyes for a moment and take a few conscious deep breaths.

2) Make a Plan

Plan something mid-week. Sometimes the key to relief during the workday is simply remembering that there is life on the outside. Occasionally we get so wrapped up in our jobs that life’s little pleasures just pass us by.

Make it a point to have a regular date – with yourself, with friends, or both – around Wednesday of each week.

This way, you’ll have something to get excited about for the first half of the week, and something to look back on and smile about during the second half!

3) Arrange Your Workspace

Arrange your workspace in a way that’s soothing to you. Just like your home, your workspace is a reflection of you. If it’s cluttered and chaotic or dreary,  you are likely to feel the same.

If it is warm and inviting, with a few plants and framed pictures, you will probably find yourself moving through your day with a sense of calm in your heart.

We’re not all lucky enough to have the job of our dreams, but a few simple tweaks in our workday and shifts in our mindsets can make a whole world of difference.

The more you practice these simple steps, and any others that might work for you, the easier you will find it is to remain at peace in the midst of corporate chaos.


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Kimberly Petrosino

Kimberly Petrosino is a Holistic Health Coach and the author of "Secrets of a Happy Healthy Working Girl: A Small…

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