5 Gemstones For Radiant Beauty

For countless thousands of years, gemstones have been used to encourage health and beauty throughout the world. Traditionally, gemstones are placed at certain key points on the body and face in order to absorb their powerful energetic qualities. Each one is positioned over the chakras or worn as jewelry in order to fully absorb their energies. This, in turn, helps to produce healthy-feeling skin. Here are the 5 main stones to use when

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Amber is known as the “happy stone” or the “solar stone”. This beautiful yellowish stone is reputed to bring a cleansing effect to the blood, as well as move energy around the body. This, in turn, gives a certain softness to the skin.


Onyx is the stone of power, because it’s closely associated with the root chakra. Inflammation, sunburn, and infections can all be helped with the power of onyx. This is the stone of skin purification.


A high power stone, emerald is considered one of the best anti-aging and rejuvenating energies in the world. It may also increases skin elasticity, reduces lines, wrinkles, and prevents pimple formation.


Traditionally associated with love and purity, sapphire has been used since ancient times to impart hydration to the skin. Blue sapphire embodies the element of water, which is deeply hydrating. This energy helps to restore, rejuvenate, and heal the skin from harmful environmental effects.


Another gem of the sun, ruby brings in a fresh energy that strengthens and nourishes the skin. It also gives a certain luster by increasing the blood flow to the area of the skin.


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