Gemini Season 2021 From May 20 – June 20…

Gemini Season 2021 From May 20 – June 20

“If you have a reason to love, you’ll have a reason to hate.” – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

We are getting a new blast of light as we move into Gemini Season, a period of time when the sun transits through the constellation of Gemini.

-If you want to quickly hack the Gemini Season, sign up for the Gemini Sunlight Workshop so that you can give all your intentions the light they need to grow, and your obstacles the light they need to vanish like a vampire in the sun. We are also entering eclipse season which means the light will play tricks on us! Talk about double trouble! So we need as much help as we can get by inviting light.

When we invite light, darkness and fate just vanish. When this enlightened brilliance makes itself known, doom and gloom just disappear – it’s science! We are reminded this Gemini Season that we have the choice to invite light in every moment! No matter what! The 2021 Gemini Season is packed with a lot of astrological transits that are going to push our buttons. The good news is that the more tests we pass, the greater the chances are that we graduate into a happier reality.

With the eclipses, there is a lot of energy flowing through the cosmos that can either water or drown your cosmic seeds. As the first eclipse season of 2021, we are asked to avoid settling for less and uplift out of depression. I will talk more about these programs as we approach the eclipses. As the pandemic begins to fail, we need to close any gateway to another global event that could unleash into the world. Negativity will not just sit back until it’s outright defeated by means of illumination (ref. WWII). So we need to ask the most of ourselves and increase our inner shine to uninvite the darkness.

As we meditate and atone, we create openings for the expression of God to manifest in our lives, which will replace the darkness. Remember, we can make connections to God and pray for help, but we have to do our work. It’s this duality of Gemini that reminds us of the dual effort toward the single-minded focus. It is in this astrological season that the spiritual laws were granted to mankind from another dimension. So study, and do the work to remove negative thought patterns! The planetary movements display the evolutionary patterns since the Big Bang. Therefore, we are blessed with many opportunities throughout the year that can restore the expression of God into the world. We are not to wait until we are suffering or in a bad situation until we do so. We can pray to become motivated by revealing light so that we are not motivated by survival.

-I will talk about what is the expression of God, and the planetary movements, in the Gemini Sunlight Workshop.

There is plenty to do this Gemini Season! These are the key dates to watch out for as some will bring the expression of God and some will bring expressions of darkness:

  • May 20, Sun enters Gemini
  • May 26, Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
  • May 29, Mercury goes retrograde
  • June 5, Mars opposes Pluto
  • June 5, Ascension into The Gates of Paradise | The Day of Soulmates
  • June 10, Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini
  • June 11, Mars enters Leo
  • June 14, Saturn square Uranus
  • June 20, Jupiter goes Rx
  • June 21, Summer Solstice

Obviously, there is no need to ask for challenges during this time. The universe will bring them to you when you’re ready, so don’t wake sleeping dogs this Gemini Season, please. As we reach the summer solstice where we have the opportunity to really push into a new, and better, reality.

Mercury will go retrograde in Gemini making us all confused. We need to pray to know the difference between friend and foe, angel and demon. Work with people who believe in karma, they will not abuse you. On June 5th, I will guide us all through a powerful meditation where you can connect to your soulmate and increase the quality of your current relationships. The day of paradise will allow us to unite together and to know the difference!

Then, mars will oppose pluto 😅, creating a huge power struggle amongst the warriors and manipulators. Oh, man! This is a bit scary actually because pluto is also the higher octave of mars which means there are a lot of firepowers at war with itself right now. Let’s not fight fire with fire, step away, and think of another way to win. Don’t give up, just don’t do the obvious thing. At the end of the Gemini Season, jupiter goes retrograde, and heads back into good ol’ Aquarius for a time of review. 😮‍💨

For self-care

Gemini will ask us to take care of our shoulders, hands, and sense of smell. “I am humble” is what we say when we do the Gemini exercise from the Vessel Building App. Within the mineral realm, you can use Lepidolite and Serpentine on the areas where Gemini rules.

Waiting too long to deal with your stress or fears? Not a good idea, especially in times of pandemic. The energy is heavy outside and it’s your responsibility to take care of your health and wellness. It will increase immunity on physical and spiritual levels. During these uncertain times, your mental health is more important than ever, and waiting to get healing until the pandemic is over is likely to make things worse in the long run.


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