Galactic Heart Energy Downloads With The New Moon In Leo…

Galactic Heart Energy Downloads With The New Moon In Leo

A vibrant and heart-centered New Moon in Leo takes center stage in our sky on August 8th, 2021.

Opposite Aquarius and right in the gap between a double Aquarius Full Moon, this New Moon is helping us to process the Aquarius energies that include the higher mind, the third eye, and the kundalini activation.

While supported by Leo’s heart’s dominant energy, we can overcome Aquarius’ cold and detached attitudes and travel into the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8.8.21 to enter a new timeline.

Spiritual Upgrade.

Because the Lion’s Gate is also happening on 8.8.21, much more light is entering our planet, creating lots of clarity and a very rapid upgrade in awareness. The ability to absorb this light lies in your ability to handle a high-frequency vibration on a cellular level.

Find an anchor, decompress, relax, embrace more light and retain it. You create your future with every action you take; make sure it is in coherence with your heart field.

Embrace your vastness to be fully yourself!

Energetic, cosmic, and significant, this process is very personal to the work you have done up to now. The Lion’s Gate Portal is downloading Light Codes, expanding our awareness, allowing us to give birth to talents, aspirations, and new ideas that will be activated by the third eye and the pineal gland.

This is a powerful time of transformation and action.

The New Moon in Leo is firing you up to find your passion, embrace your creativity, and support it with great determination and tenacity.

August looks like a speedy, chaotic month, with a series of events unfolding very quickly, with lots of surprises and revolutionary shifts. Focus on how you can become more authentic, ask your guides and angels to help you discover what truth you have denied to yourself.

Have the courage to break down to break through, even if it doesn’t always feel comfortable. Leo’s leadership teaches us to act with courage, to contribute to the collective, and to open our hearts in alignment for the planet’s greater good.

Chaos With Purpose.

We are entering a massive evolutionary time. A dramatic, impermanent, and eruptive energy, is manifesting in the collective. Concern for humanity at large needs to be born in the collective consciousness. We are now facing a drastic wake-up call; it’s time to open your eyes and wash away the filters of denial and start to create unity consciousness.

Become Your Hero!

Your personal evolution is merging with the collective development. Observe if you are still anchored to old beliefs and coping mechanisms that ask you to compromise and sacrifice. Be honest and see which burden you are carrying that is not beneficial to you. Further resistance to the old, fighting for human rights and freedom, will allow more truths to be disclosed.

Mercury in Leo.

The mind seeks out stability and consistency. Mercury is showing you the kind of thoughts you are stuck with.

  • Are you feeling hopeless? 
  • Are you too constricted? 
  • What questions are you asking? 
  • Which part of your life is abandoned into resignation?

Another round of government restrictions will force us to become more attentive to what we say yes to. Mercury’s keen mind wants you to listen to your inner voice. Be curious, investigative, and make sound choices.

  • Are you holding yourself back unconsciously? 
  • Are you giving your energy away to the past? 
  • Are your thoughts going to the future and create a lot of anxiety?

Be in the present, let go of anything that is taking your attention, don’t let any memories or fears disperse your energy.

In Love,



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