Fully Heal From Abuse

I am both a person who has experienced a lot of abuse in my life, and someone who has helped many people fully heal from abuse.

My journey began with a lot of counseling.  I had private sessions and participated in groups for women.  All of it was helpful to me and I recovered.  But I felt this place deep within that was not really letting go of what happened to me.

This remaining connection evidenced itself in a repeating pattern of choosing men who were emotionally unavailable.  They could not support me emotionally and I was suffering from that lack.  I realized that this was a form of self abuse and I determined to stop.

As a spiritual counselor, teacher, and healer, I had a revelation one day.  What happened to me, happened to my body, not to my spirit.  And since the body is just a shell we wear, I was able to step fully into an observer mode and see that I was holding on to these particular human experiences unnecessarily.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  What happened to me was part of my experience in this lifetime.  Though I had understood that I learned some lessons in the course of my abuse, it was at this point that I truly saw and felt how strong I had become.

I went into each experience and relived it from a spiritual being point-of-view.  Watching what happened, seeing my reactions and feelings, and tuning into my energy then and now.  It was not an easy process, but with each memory of abuse I re-experienced in this way, I felt the trauma of the abuse leaving my energetic field completely.

With each release I did a little personal ceremony to celebrate the progress I was making.  In advance of the release, I wrote a brief line about the abusive moment I was going to re-experience.  After it released, I burned that little note and watched it go to ashes.  This was a visual that made the moment even more powerful for me.

Also, I began writing in a journal regularly.  I documented the date, time, and what happened.  This was about recording my present thoughts, memories that surfaced, feelings, as well as my re-experiences and how I felt afterward.  There is nothing like keeping a journal to give you visceral evidence of how far you have come.

When I began my spiritual practice, at first I was surprised at the number of women who came to see me for abuse issues.  Often their stories were very similar to mine.  I soon realized that it is just another example of like attracting like.

From my current perspective, I can see that everything we experience, positive and negative, gives us the tools we need to help others who are going through similar struggles.

Fully healing from abuse occurs when we can go into our higher self and look at situations from that emotionally detached, neutral view.  Revelations occur.  Deeply held attachments are released.

Despite what happened to your body, your shell, your spirit remains untouched.  Who you truly are is stronger than any memory.  Counseling is a critical part of recovery.  But if you are still feeling some connection to your past abuse and you are ready to be truly free from your abuse, try this method.

Ivory LaNoue



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Ivory LaNoue

Ivory LaNoue is a spiritual teacher based in Sedona, AZ. She is a respected evidential medium, psychic, angel communicator, empath,…

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