You don’t have to be whole to feel full, promise mama you’ll never stop pouring.

But I promised her I would never stop running.

The silver lining waits, you’re on your way to brighter days.

The whispers in your ear will one day become melodies to the song that you always wanted to hear.

Rushing towards the vine, wrapping your fingers around it all.

A flower that blossoms, connected with dirt and roots.

The home on the hill waits for its rightful owner, you don’t have to be whole to feel full.

300 days of darkness, 60 days of grey, 5 chances with never enough sleep to get away.

Ocean shores, plenty of ponders, land intended wanderers.

Little girl’s love found; it was so far away.

Stop, this time around won’t make it any easier, your mind will not be put at ease.

It is not calling you, its lies that just wish to feed.

The glass was shattered lifetimes ago, the knight seemed to have forgotten his armor.

Mirror creates distortions of a world once given.

None of it feels real, taken aback to places she knew. The relapses remind her of the things that are not new, but what remains a lifetime of hope.

The mountain can just never seem to wait.

The words of these lines that never get seen.

You don’t have to be whole to feel full, she’s learning to love herself more with each day.

Take your hand in mine, and let’s get a hold of this thing we call the beauty of life.


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