Full Of Medicine

If we fully express who we are, we are said to be “full of power” and expressing our medicine.

Angeles Arrien, The Four-Fold Way

Medicine these days can be a very confusing situation. What exactly is medicine? Is it Western medicine i.e. the science of health? Is it Eastern medicine, i.e. the art of health? Or is it something even more mysterious, i.e. unique to each person and each situation?

Since it is true that each of us is completely, 100% unique, no other is made exactly like us, I think it is safe to say that no one thing that we might call “medicine” can work for each and every one of us. So how do we find the medicine that is right for us in a given moment? I say we have to know exactly who we are at that moment. To know who we are at any given moment, we have to have access to our own knowing, our own being. We have to know how to dip in, drop in, fall in, get in, and be willing to taste, smell, touch, experience what is true for us in that moment.


I am not against Western medicine. And I am not FOR Eastern medicine. I am interested in how YOU might find YOUR medicine in the moments when it matters. It matters, your medicine matters, whenever you are wondering how to go forward, how to be with what is happening. Whether what is happening is illness, stress, excitement, accident or even ordinary routine events, your medicine matters for you.

If in these moments that matter, you allow someone else to tell you what matters, you will always feel a glimmer of doubt, a space of wondering about what might have been. When you mine your own medicine, bring forward your own knowing, then you need never wonder what is right for you. You will know.

There is no one medicine. And there is no RIGHT medicine. Anything and everything can be medicine. There is though, only one way to make whatever is at hand your medicine and that is by choice. Choosing in consciousness, awareness will make whatever you choose your medicine if you are willing to honor and acknowledge the moment of choice. This does not mean you KNOW all the facts, or that you even KNOW any of the facts. You don’t need to know anatomy to know how your body feels. You don’t need to know how to prescribe herbs to know how something smells to you. Your experience, the experience that comes to you through your body, your senses, as well as your thoughts is critical to the making of the right medicine for you.

So, in the moment of making medicine with someone; your partner, your doctor, your acupuncturist, your child, what are you willing to share? Are you willing to drop into the very moment and find what you need to make that moment your own medicine?

If you find yourself willing but not knowing how, please consider calling on me. I have a few ideas about how you might find your way in….:)


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Josephine Spilka


Having come to this moment as both a willing and unwilling disciple of this body for over 55 years, I…

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