Full Moon Forecast: Aries / October 20, 2021…

Full Moon Forecast: Aries / October 20, 2021

“In order to use our life as a human and not become a robot, we have to transcend our human tendencies, which are quite robotic at times.” – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

The Full Moon in Aries on October 20, 2021 (10/20/2021) is giving us all the strength to eliminate, shed and transform many glitches and bugs in your reality. This is a fiery full moon that has the ability to trigger your spiritual and mental faculties.

Think of it as a mental reboot.

Recently, the stars have been promoting that we step outside of our comfort zones and leave the habitual ways of life so that we can be successful. We’ve been pushed outside of the box, to think outside of the box. One way to do that is to find appreciation for whatever is going on in order to get the upper hand! I know it sounds strange, but when we connect with appreciation, we are infused with energy and enthusiasm!

To support this, we are called to think of the Golden Rule, “treat others how you want to be treated”. It’s time to ponder what our life would look like if people treated us the way we treat others!

Are you insecure with people? Or perhaps arrogance and defensive? Imagine what it would look like if people acted insecure with themselves around you. How could you ever trust them? How could you ever connect? Or if they are arrogant or defensive with you. How could you ever establish any intimacy and thereby joy with them? These are just examples.

It’s funny because, in order to use our life as a human and not become a robot, we have to transcend our human tendencies, which are quite robotic at times. When we succumb to the human-bot within us, we become like an animal and only care about eating, sleeping and reproducing. But when we let the fire of spirit burn within us and syndicate it with our mental faculties by thinking outside of the box, we have the power to celebrate life, and not just sleep through it.

Instead of sleeping, we need to be enthusiastic about life. And, even when we do sleep, we should aspire to reach the highest realms which is what this Full Moon is granting us access to. The power of rising high above the limits and receive messages from the cosmos.

The more positive actions we do in the course of a day, the higher we ascend during the night. The higher you ascend, the more powerful the messages you will receive. Chances are though, that the message we receive will most likely push you out of your comfort zone and as a result, the more we move out of our comfort zone, the better our reality renders. Our prayers and intentions are heard.

I will expand upon how this works in one of my famous Full Moon workshops on October 20. We will explore how we can connect to the all-consuming fire of this Aries Moon so that we don’t get burned!!


What does the full moon mean?

There is a reason why many people feel out of balance during the full moon: It is a time of great transformative energy, and most people are not equipped to handle it. Although every full moon amplifies the power to melt down obstacles, each lunar event has a unique planetary configuration and thus unique transformative qualities.

The question of this quest

With Zodiac Hacks astrology, the full moon is a time of reflection, when each of the archetypes asks us a specific question to assist us on our quest. In order to see which obstacles we need to remove, each full moon poses a unique question for reflection, as the sun and moon are in opposition – reflecting back to each other the light of Truth. As this opposition occurs, a 48-hour space is rendered do us to operate within. This space is made of stardust atoms that interact with your being on all levels.

In this particular cycle, we can access the best of us beyond any quality of duality, by asking ourselves the following question:

Where do I perceive the true and disbelieve the false? Where do I perceive the false and disbelieve the true?


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