Full Moon Astrology: August 15, 2019 – What Is A Soulmate?…

Full Moon Astrology: August 15, 2019 – What Is A Soulmate?

The Full Moon on August 15, 2019, at 22° Aquarius is the yearly Full Moon of Soulmates.

We could say that every person we have a relationship within the course of a lifetime is a soulmate. There are various levels of soulmates that we need to be aware of, as not all soulmates are the same. When we look at the word, “soul” we find that it means “the spiritual or immaterial part of a human, regarded as immortal.” When we look at the word mate, it’s defined as “a fellow member or joint occupant of a specified thing”. On the highest level, a soulmate is a unified spiritual being who has split into two halves before incarnating into this physical realm for the sake of bringing something great into the world.

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On another level, there are soulmates who are loyal friends or honest business partners, people that we have good relationships with. I actually like to call these kind of relationships ‘Starmates’ because they are astrologically favorable. Now, being a Starmate isn’t a requirement for having a happy relationship, but it makes things easier.

For example, you could fall in love with someone who only speaks Chinese, but wouldn’t you want to be with someone who speaks your language? So, it’s not a deal-breaker, because a karmic task could be having to learn Chinese. What happens next? After you both speak the same language fluently? You could both get a level where you have real misunderstandings beyond language barriers, work them out and then see where you stand.

Communication is everything in relationships. We all speak various cosmic languages, twelve of them to be exact, unbounded by where we live.

Our star sign influences the way we communicate and interact with others. So, our Starmates are people that we can get along with easier, be more productive with, and be generally happier and honest with because they speak a compatible language. Sometimes we get lucky and find these people in our life, or sometimes they find us.

Karmic relationships

In most cases, we end up in karmic relationships. Which is also a soulmate, on one of the lower levels. A karmic relationship is a relationship where we need to work out problems with that person so that we can become more whole within ourselves, our soul. For example, we are in this type of relationship because we want to be loved, or we have a hidden agenda such as material, societal or other desires.

So as you can see, there are various levels of being a soulmate. The term gets thrown around a lot to describe a happily-ever-after romantic relationship, when nothing could be further from the goals of a true soulmate relationship. Yet the main point is that we work with our current karmic partner as if they were our true soulmate, which – once the karma is worked through – they may very well become.

Finding your ‘true’ soulmate

There are many prerequisites to fulfill what is known as a true soulmate, which can be confirmed in astrological charts AND life experiences they have had. In case you’re wondering, yes you need to be a Starmate before you can connect to your soulmate. Most people don’t come into contact with their true soulmate in one lifetime. Actually, we need a lot of luck to come into contact with them, and even more luck to realign in this physical world.

An example of this would be two soulmates who find each other, and then lose each other. Their karma was not good enough to keep them together. It is even possible to lose the opportunity to be with our soulmate in one lifetime. Also, the journey each half undergoes affects the other. Soulmates are usually born in different lands, under different circumstances and far away from each other.

Because the inherent nature of soulmates is of a spiritual nature, it goes without question that they have surrendered to a spiritual path before finding each other. As with anything in this world, we can either proactively avert suffering, or be passive about it. Either way, at some point it must be confronted and transcended. The same is true with soulmates, say one half is passive, and the other is proactive with their spiritual growth. The half who is passive will undergo massive changes the other half makes. Worlds can be turned upside down.

When I am in consultation with people and they tell me that their world has been turned upside down, this is often is some indication that their soulmate is shortening the distance between them. I know it’s tempting to fantasize that the person we are with is our soulmate. I also realize it’s difficult to think that the person who we are with isn’t our soulmate. That’s why it’s such a touchy subject.

But when we really look within, we know if someone is our soulmate or not, or has the capacity to become our soulmate or not. The point is that we need to appreciate who we are with, and strive to become the soulmate that we are looking for – regardless of “finding our soulmate”. Without mastering the karmic lessons we need to learn with the person who we are with now, we won’t progress into a soulmate relationship.

We also don’t want to get stuck in a state of contentment or fear that we cannot move on. Many times we settle for less and then hate ourselves for not having the courage to move on. Soulmates will always find each other, but when they do is up to us. When it’s time to find our soulmate, we/they will be found. A soulmate is not something we can look for, it’s just something that is. This year’s Full Moon of Leo connects us to our soulmate by helping us purify hatred in our hearts. We will know that we no longer harbor hatred within us when we no longer propagate – actively or reactively – hatred in our world.

This includes all the subtle words and smirks that we receive or give off to others. Hatred, like soulmates, has many levels, and when we have hatred, we carry degraded fire Leo energy within us. If you think about it, when there is hatred there cannot be love, as one space can only be occupied by one thing at one time. And love obviously is the base, though not the ultimate, quality of a soulmate relationship.

One of the greatest things we can do for the world, just like a soulmate, is to purify the hatred within our hearts. On this Full Moon of Leo, we should be honest and see where we have hatred so that we can purify it.

What does the full moon mean?

There is a reason why many people feel out of balance during the Full Moon: It is a time of great transformative energy, and most people are not equipped to handle it. That is why I offer my Full Moon Virtual Rituals, so that you may safely access this power to dismantle your challenges and activate your strengths and virtues. Although every Full Moon amplifies the power to melt down obstacles, each lunar event has a unique planetary configuration and thus unique transformative qualities.

The question of this quest

In DASH® Astrology, the Full Moon is a time of reflection when each the archetypes asks us a specific question to assist us on our quest. In order to see what obstacles we need to remove, each Full Moon poses a unique question for reflection, as the Sun and Moon are in opposition – reflecting back to each other the Light of Truth. We can access the best of us, beyond any quality of duality, by asking ourselves the following question:

How is the expression “Love Your Enemies” connected to restriction and what would my life look like if I let go?

I will expand upon this in my Full Moon Virtual Ritual which you can get tickets to watch the online video.

For those of you working on your own, contemplate this question during the Full Moon window and write down any insights that may come so that you can have a greater idea of what to work on. There is a lot of power and light to be had with this Full Moon of Leo, depending on where it’s happening in your chart. We can control our actions so that we can manifest our destiny. If you’re serious about moving on with the wonderful Full Moon of Leo, you can access the virtual ritual.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support my work, please consider a donation for this article. Have a wonderful Full Moon in Aquarius and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.

Full Moon August 2019 Timezones:

  • Los Angeles – 15 August 5:29 am
  • New York – 15 August 8:29 am
  • London – 15 August 1:29 pm
  • Munich – 15 August 2:29 pm
  • Moscow – 15 August 3:59 pm
  • Sydney – 15 August 10:29 pm


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