From Your Yoga Teacher…

To My Students

My teacher says, “Those days you least feel like practicing yoga are the days when you need it the most.”  

Those are the hard days that test every ounce of your willpower.

Those are the days that test your emotional strength and integrity to merely appear sane to the person next to you. Those are the days that make you question your purpose.  

But, when those days come, I want you to know that you will always be welcome here – and with that, I want to leave you with a little reminder of why I chose to become a teacher.

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An Ode to my students:

I love seeing the growth and mental clarity in all of you after each class.

I love that some of you choose to remain still in a seated meditation even after class is over.

I love that you all feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in class and choose to listen to your bodies.

I love that over time, your shields come down, the layers begin to peel away, and the Ego begins to dissolve.

I love that no matter the reason You began the practice, over time, You develop into your true loving Self and spread that love and kindness to those around you.

I love that over time, You begin to dive deeper into the philosophy of the practice without even realizing it.

I love that over time, You begin to develop your own intuition and slowly become your own inner teacher.

I love that over time, You continue to remain open to other trains of thought and accept differences as just that- a difference.

I love that over time, You develop the same gratitude that I have for the practice, for my Self, for those around me, and for the Universal Sameness that is enveloped all around us.

I love that all You need is just a little time and patience to just be present and that, alone, instills trust that everything will come into place at precisely the right time.

I flat-out love You.  Every, single, one of you.

And I just wanted You to know that I have so much gratitude for your presence and that teaching you has given me so much insight into my inner Self.


Your Yoga Teacher


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