From The Power And Control Of The Karmic Relationship To The Equality Of The Twin Flame Connection…

From The Power And Control Of The Karmic Relationship To The Equality Of The Twin Flame Connection

When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, [you will experience Equality]. -Jimi Hendrix

Power and Control

When you talk to most people about power and control, they become very defensive. Maybe deep down, they know that there is this unequal transaction between their relationships that they do not want to admit to. However, you cannot change something without acknowledging it first.

Maureen Murdock explains in her book, The Heroine’s Journey, in patriarchal relationships, a dominate person and a submissive is the rule. The dominate person must keep a one up position.

The Dominate and Submissive

The dominate and submissive is when one person, wants power over the other to control them. This sets up a master to servant dynamic. The master blames, it is the other person’s problem not theirs, they did not mean what they did, or said. They want to know who and what you do on a consistent basis, isolating the other. They use hurtful put downs to make the other feel small. They use threats, physical or verbal to keep the other in their place as the servant. They use money to overpower the other. They use intimidation to get their way. This situation illustrates a karmic relationship moving them away from their soul, not towards their soul.

The Third Chakra: Manipura, meaning “lustrous gem”

The third chakra is about power and control, when balanced it is empowerment, you feel empowered from within, you shine like a jewel. When the third chakra is unbalanced, we have a master to a servant dynamic. When we are identified with either the masculine energy of aggressiveness, or the feminine energy of accommodation, we are not whole within and attract our opposite.

Early in 1980 in Duluth, Minnesota, The Power and Control Wheel came into being. It is a tool that helps explain the different ways we use power and control to manipulate relationships. The power wheel was originally about physical and sexual violence. However, there is violence on a subtle mental level that most people are not conscious of, but very much so creates the master to servant dynamic.

Violence is defined as a behavior involving force consciously or unconsciously intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone. There is an adage: sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me. That is nonsense, hurtful words HARM! Hurtful putdowns break down one’s self-worth but makes the other person (falsely) feel grand.

The power and control interplay must be overcome before one is to be reunited with their twin flame. The twin flame is your deepest most profound eternal love. You are seeing one another as God and Goddess incarnate. There is not a master to servant dynamic in this relationship.

A true spiritual encounter is never going to happen if we are ruled by security, exploitation of sex, money, and power. The sex between the eternal lovers is supposed to be a holy ceremony, and both partners need to be on equal setting for this to take place. They see each other as equals, and their own chakras are balanced.


True oneness is when two people recognize the soul in another and become one at their spiritual essence but, remain two separate autonomous people. To be autonomous is the ultimate state of being because one has an internal strength to guard their space. To be autonomous is to be empowered; this means one owns their freedom. When an empowered person gets into a relationship with a significant other–The common Dominate and Subservient; does not apply!

When you have identified with the dominate and accommodator, you have taken back your projection, you are empowered. This is a great merger because now you have entered the city of the shining jewel. You can sparkle and value yourself like a precious gem. When you are shining, you can stand side by side with another shining gem-your deepest most profound timeless-jewel-your twin flame. 


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