From Superpower To Evolution – The Discovery Of Our Natural Numbers…

From Superpower To Evolution – The Discovery Of Our Natural Numbers

“The Playa Provides”. A non-sensical statement, or a reminder of that place some remember as “coming home”? Our responses to words, pictures, and energies depend on both past experiences and training, our ‘nurture’, as well as our ‘nature’. Our reactions are the sum of our nature and our nurture, with a flavor of both conscious and unconscious beliefs added for effect.

This article documents the journey Susan Bennet fisher, my wife, and I took looking for a purpose in life, following the signs, taking wise actions, and listening and learning. It narrates the discoveries we had to make to be able to realize that what we originally thought of as our individual unique Superpowers actually provides a gateway for Human Evolution.

This is a BIG claim, and many of you may likely be skeptical., Eight out of nine of you may have trouble even understanding the concept that we’re describing. We promise it will become clearer as you read on. All we ask is that you don’t dis-believe for a little while, open to a beginner’s mind. What you know is real and true, and we will show you there’s an even more powerful context underlying your personal experience of life and our human existence.

It is well known that much of our person-to-person communication is body-based, now imagine that we communicate to each other over nine different frequencies. Our bodies can receive all nine, if we know how to tune them. To help us out, at birth, our bodies are pre-tuned to receive and broadcast one frequency, but as we grow that tuning slips a little off frequency as those around us try to make us hear their frequency because that’s the only frequency they know how to broadcast.

A strange analogy perhaps, but our research shows that this scenario accurately depicts the human experience. There are nine different ways our bodies can communicate, there is one that is active at birth, and most people aren’t aware that they can re-tune themselves back to their core frequency. Very few people know how to tune themselves to be able to communicate on the other eight frequencies. The people in our families don’t communicate on our frequency, and really want us to be able to hear them. Can anyone honestly say “My parent is just like me” or “My sibling is just like me” unless there are more than nine people in your family of course?

Is context important? Well, yes, to one out of nine to us it is. And so are truth, relationships, emotions, getting things done, creativity, honesty, balance, inclusion, joy, inspiration, mindfulness, and many other values, practices, and concepts. The missing piece of the puzzle is that no one resonates with all of them, we each resonate with a selection, and each can have up to nine different meanings, depending on which kind of body you have.

Why Nine? We don’t know, but what we have discovered from over twenty years of research is that there are nine physiologically different kinds of bodies, we like to call them earth-suits. Sometime before birth, an earth-suit is chosen, and we refer to your earth-suit as your Natural Number. It gives you a Superpower that is specific to that earth-suit, each Natural Numbered suit is equipped with different capabilities, and activated in a particular way that is completely different than the others giving each a unique function, each broadcasting and receiving at a different frequency

How do we know? In 2012 we attended our first Burning Man, a music playing, spiritual, art show, dusty gathering in the Black Rock Desert. The desert floor is colloquially known as ‘The Playa’, and the little miracles that happen there are because ‘The Playa Provides’. At our first Burning man, we learned to ‘Choose Love’ and found our purpose – To help people find their Superpower by identifying their Natural Number.

From 2012 to 2017 we attended five Burning Mans and several other festivals around the West Coast. We offered our gift to ‘Discover Your Superpower’ to thousands of sober people. And we learned that our bodies developed in very specific ways depending on our Natural Number. How we move, what we care about, how we process data, and even how we form relationships are all shaped by our Natural Number. And interestingly, Natural Numbers don’t repeat in families of less than 10 people.

We taught people the simple physical posture, unique to their Natural Number, that enables them to activate their Superpower at will.

The costumes and warm weather at these festivals allowed us to correlate specific areas of the body, specific muscles, fascia, and bones that make up the active region that is core to each Natural Number. There are three in the head, three in the chest, and three in the lower body. We discovered that they are collocated with the areas traditionally associated with the 7 chakras, but the heart chakra covers the 3 chest centers.

We started getting feedback from those we had identified that the experience of being identified had started a change in their lives, they felt more seen, honored, and happier. Many people reported being more in tune with their natural purpose.

Your Natural Number isn’t just a category or type, it’s your nature. There are capabilities and behaviors that only someone with your Natural Number has, it truly defines your Superpower and your core function. And knowing how to consciously activate your Natural Number fine-tunes your body’s ability to communicate on your frequency. It also helps you know how your Natural Number can support your chosen purpose if you have one. For many people that we identified, their purpose became clearer after activating their Natural Number.

Before being able to identify an individual’s Natural Number we had to learn to activate the other eight Natural Numbers in ourselves. To our surprise, instead of becoming more excited, or more chaotic, our lives became calmer, easier, and more purposeful.

Since 2019 we have written two books, and have tried to find a compelling answer to ‘Why should I learn to activate my Natural Number’. Although the concept of nine different kinds of physiologies has existed for thousands of years, it disappeared from consciousness until fairly recently. And bringing new information out into a cynical world is never easy. The offer to ‘Become happier’ alone didn’t resonate sufficiently, perhaps because we are accustomed to the “No Pain, No Gain” philosophy of personal change. To change, there need not be a pain, just will.

Recently though, we’ve realized that knowing your Natural Number is a step on an Evolutionary Path. It is a way to reorient your body to be in alignment with yourself and to enable clear communication between your earth-suit and everyone around you. We believe that activating your Natural Number interacts with your epigenomes to physically alter your body. Studies since 2013 have shown the impact mediation can have on our physiology, for example.

More exciting is the prospect that learning to activate all nine Natural Numbers allows a nine-fold increase in our abilities to perceive and interact with the eight other frequencies of life. To truly use all our Superpowers, to become better humans, to evolve to more than who we currently are is possible through the body and conscious use and development of our Natural Number centers.


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Susan and Martin Fisher are pioneers in the study and research of the 9 Natural Numbers. With over thirty years…

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