4 Little Known Ways To Deepen Your Yoga Practice…

4 Little Known Ways To Deepen Your Yoga Practice


Yoga reminds us that we are not our emotions, the situations we put ourselves in, or even our bodies.

We are pure consciousness, divine light, and Love.

Our mind is constantly active — in yoga we call it the “Monkey Mind” — thinking of the past, the present, the future, or absorbed in our surroundings with media and technology.

This modern age is full of distractions,  and often we can lose ourselves and feel enslaved in our bodies and in our situations.

When this happens, we can become depressed and lose our inspiration, and this can take us far away from who we are meant to be.

Yoga is as prevalent today as it was thousands of years ago.

“Yoga was made by humans, through humans, for humans” (Georg Feuerstein), to bring us back to our true selves, which is light and love. By uniting mind, body and spirit, we can experience true freedom which is our own birthright.

“Yoga is a way to Freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.” – Indra Devi      

Feel your freedom again with these Yoga practices, and come back to your natural divine self.

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1) Do Yoga Postures Outside and in Nature

The ancient Yogis studied in the forests and were connected to nature, as nature is also within us.

We are not meant to be under fluorescent lighting, four walls and a roof.

This is where we lost our connection with nature, especially those living in the western hemisphere.

When we lose sight of nature, we also lose it in ourselves.

So take your shoes off and feel the grass beneath your feet. Do some yoga poses in the sun.

2) Breathe (Pranayama)

Once you’re in nature breathe in through the nose, out through the nose.

Breathe in positivity 4 counts and then hold breath 2 counts as you reflect on Freedom.

Then breathe out stress 4 counts. You can do this sitting, standing, or walking, as long as you are aware of your breath.

Do this at least 4 times and notice how you feel.

3) Dance

There is a well-known statue called “Dancing Shiva,” which is of Shiva the lord of Yoga, creator and destroyer dancing the dance of life. There is nothing more freeing than just letting your body loose and letting your body move, especially in nature.

Dance to your own rhythm, even close your eyes and feel the shiva shakti energy flow through you.

Shiva Rea, a well-known yoga teacher, relates dancing to connecting to nature within us and around us; we connect to the rhythm of our heart like a drum.

She sometimes uses dance in her yoga classes to connect to the divine, which is also known as yogic trance dance. So go out and dance, it’s so freeing.

4) Sing Kirtan (Bhakti Yoga)

Singing is another way to free yourself from judgment and criticism and everything else the ego wants to throw at you. You don’t have to have an amazing voice to sing.

Sing in the shower, sing in your car. Singing from the heart is a practice of Bhakti Yoga, Yoga of the heart, and what better way to free your heart than to sing.

Kirtan is fun way to connect with others and learn powerful mantras by repeating them after the Kirtan singer.

Many yoga studios and festivals host Kirtans.

By doing yoga we are more open and flexible to try something new.  

These four tips can help us break through the shackles that our mind puts on us from repetitive habits and routines.

So to truly feel our freedom do Yoga! Breath, connect to nature, listen to your own heart.

Do what you love and feel your true freedom!!!


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