Free Your Spirit And Get Inspired With The Full Moon In Libra On April 16th, 2022…

Free Your Spirit And Get Inspired With The Full Moon In Libra On April 16th, 2022

A feeling of speed characterizes the Full Moon in Libra appearing in the sky on April 16th, 2022, culminating with the eclipse season.

This Full Moon is shining light on how power is used since the Libra constellation, ruled by Venus, will influence our sense of balance, justice, and power.

Libra is a sign of balance and harmony. It likes to curate the relationship with what surrounds us and how we relate to beauty, love, fairness, focus, and the eternal dance between what we bring and what we eliminate in our lives.

Cooperation, counseling, and advising are virtues of Libra that will be helpful and present in the next month to bring more compassion to your heart. You will be able to adopt other people’s perspectives and understand where they are coming from more deeply.

The most challenging aspect of Libra is wanting to keep the balance at all costs. To do so, perfectionism and denial tend to dominate and sacrifice the present moment’s curiosity and movement, creating stagnation instead.

Creation is an ongoing process, and we can see perfection in the imperfection of Nature, while the epitome of the mind will shut down the flow of creation.

The Pluto T Square with the Sun and the Moon will highlight unresolved fears and unconscious reactive behavior. Pluto represents what needs to transform and evolve and what we need to do to uplift our lives to new heights.

Pluto activates the heart to scatter the shadows of the mind.

Watch your mind, and observe how unconscious motivations usually are stored in the shadow of the mind. Bringing balance means stopping the reason from overpowering your perception of reality. When you connect to your heart, you can see the way out of any attachments.

The conjunction between Pluto and Mercury will uplift you to step out of the inner loop of overthinking and control and show you how to venture into the new.

Neptune and Jupiter conjunct a few days before the Full Moon will bring compassion and link you to the spiritual dimension of life. Use this opportunity to free your spirit and get inspired.

Venus and Mars are in Pisces during this Full Moon making the ultimate connection with Source once more available.


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