Forecast: Peace Love Light…

Forecast: Peace Love Light

So far this year we definitely can’t complain about the “polar vortex!” What an amazing thing the weather can be. Last year during this time, Jerry and I were packing up and getting ready to move into our little home. Last year was sooooo cold our faces froze the minute we walked outside, and I was missing days of work because it was dangerously cold and even worse to drive. I’m knocking on wood as I type because we all know that the weather is a fickle bitch! We just don’t tempt the fates when we talk about how lucky we are that things haven’t been as bad as last year – we don’t tempt Mother Nature – no one wants to piss her off again!

So, thinking about the weather and all of it’s many forms, made me realize how much it mirrors the behaviors and emotions of people. When someone has gone through a rough time, but comes out on the other side with newness and growth, we say, “You have weathered a storm.” When someone is sad and needs comforting we tell them that there is a “silver lining to every gray cloud” or “the sun will come out tomorrow!” How about when someone makes us happy? Of course, we say “You are my sunshine!”

My favorite quote to lay on someone who is feeling worrisome or anxious is “you can’t change the weather.” That means that you can’t worry about things that you can’t change. One day you are walking on sunshine, the next you are staring straight into a blue moon. People are unpredictable like the weather and as such, we have to show patience and understanding to both.

Much like taking the time to see the good in people, we need to take the time to see the good in each season, storm, and raindrop. Each season brings change – a chance to shed negative, to grow as a person and nourish ourselves with the fountain of knowledge. Every storm passes and each raindrop cleanses the earth, so new flowers can grow. When we go through challenging times, we seek shelter with those that can keep us safe. When we cry, we are cleansing our souls so that we may blossom and become whole again.

Not many of us can find anything good about winter. There are those crazy people who like to ski, snowmobile or snow shoe, but other than winter sports, the cold is not normally a welcome season. However, I started to look at it this way: when the first snow falls, it softly covers everything around us; leaving us insulated from the sounds of winter. Have you ever noticed how quiet things get when it snows? I have and that soft silence is our time to quiet our minds and insulate ourselves from the stressful, busy lives that we lead on the daily. If we use this season to soften our outlook, to quiet the noise in our heads and let our bodies rest in the warmth of soft blankets; we can look forward to the spring when we come out of our caves and let the sunshine warm our souls. Winter is when we hibernate – we rest and ready our minds and bodies for the newness that is on the horizon. (even if it seem like it’s taking FOREVER!)

I was having a really, REALLY hard time finding a way to make ice sound good. I have never been a particular fan of ice, but knowing this about myself, that led me to this analogy: When it’s freezing rain and icy outside, we avoid going anywhere near roads, walkways or steps – right? Stay with me…when people are cold and freeze you out of their lives, you avoid their paths. See what I did there? Pretty good if I say so myself! (I’m patting myself on the back for that one…I really hate ice!)

The overarching theme for today is to realize that no one can control anyone else. We can only control how we react to others and how we feel. We can’t know what someone is going to do because we will never know what someone is thinking. We can only know what our path is and how we are going to follow that path. I know so many people who try so hard to overthink, over-worry and over-assume, so that they can be prepared for what could go wrong. I choose to not overthink, worry or assume, so that I can be prepared for what goes right. You see? Our lives are what we make of them in each given moment. We already know that in a split second, lightning could strike and our entire world is turned upside down. We can never be prepared for things that we have no control over – we simply cannot control the weather. my little rays of sunshine!


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