Forecast: December 4 New Moon Eclipse…

Forecast: December 4 New Moon Eclipse

“We make mistakes so that we can learn and if we don’t think we make mistakes, we can’t grow.” -@ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

🌙 The cosmic signature of the New Moon in Sagittarius is healing and recovery from failure.

🌙 The hack of the New Moon in Sagittarius loving your mistakes!

🌙 The challenge of this New Moon in Sagittarius becoming complacent with mediocrity.

The December 4 New Moon will eclipse the Sun in what is known as a Total Solar Eclipse. This is a great chance for those of you who need to pick yourself up and move forward. Sagittarius teaches us that we all make mistakes and we all mess up.

Whether you got caught cheating, making the same mistake again, or lying, this eclipse gives us the chance to change for the better. But first, we need to admit what we’ve done.

Whether you’ve messed up a business, a relationship, a friendship, or a project – this New Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius is the antidote to any fear of the future or guilt about the past.

Maybe it was last year, last week, or last lifetime, we all have made mistakes. Some of us are holding onto these mistakes and wearing them like a soiled shirt. Out of pride or self-punishment, no matter the reason, it’s time to come clean-or get some new clothes.

God gave us New and Full Moon’s to remind us of the magic that is available to us all the time. To witness any lunation reminds us that we can intend with power and support at any moment in time when we do it from the correct state of mind.

The correct state of mind isn’t obtained by opinion, it’s an actual frequency that we must step into. It cannot be faked and the results will always indicate whether we have aligned with the frequency or not. Because most of us don’t always know what that frequency is, or how to step into it, we are given these cosmic windows throughout the year that allow us to step into the appropriate frequency we need to be successful with minimal effort.

I developed the Zodiac Hacks events to take advantage and raise awareness of these cosmic windows, not only to take advantage of the energy available but to also inspire others to access this magic independent of the astrological transits.

ZODIAC HACK: Figure out where this New Moon is occurring within your birth chart and be sure to use re-located or progressed charts for more relevant insights.

When New Moon eclipses the Sun, we are granted an opportunity to remember that the light of the Sun, which represents or symbolizes the light of God, is always shining. When it’s cloudy, or when it’s nighttime, it’s just our perspective that the Sun isn’t “out” or has “set” and is “gone”. Sometimes we focus too much on the astrological, or astronomical, phenomena that we miss the point of what the Universe is telling us. The Sun isn’t “out” or “gone”….it’s shining elsewhere, but it’s still shining. We are asked to not be fooled by our limited perspective and to know that the Sun shines on.

The light is always shining within us, and when our ego comes along to eclipse our light, it’s still there even if we can’t see it. This is how we pick ourselves up, learn and move on. It’s time to move on with the light within us, rather than sulk in the darkness our ego has created. We must take responsibility for the darkness, but we shouldn’t live in it.

At the New Moon, we are granted access to the world of answers. What precedes an answer is a question and this New Moon will allow us the answer to a specific question.

The Question Of This Quest.

Zodiac Hacks tells us that the new moon is a time to receive energy for our quest! To access the quantum quest of the New Moon in Sagittarius, we should open ourselves to the following question:

Where do I experience surrender, where am I giving up?

Contemplate this question during the New Moon window, and be open to any insights that come into your consciousness. It’s time for you to become the master of your reality and contribute positive energy to the cosmos.

We will gain support for the areas of our life where we have failed on this New Moon Eclipse. We may also learn that mistakes are beautiful opportunities to learn. We make mistakes so that we can learn and if we don’t think we make mistakes, we can’t grow. We can come to learn that mistakes are like beautiful presents that we need to open.

Finally, one of the problems we face during Sagittarius is that it can delete the memory of pain, but then what happens? On one hand, we gain the confidence to move on in hope that things will change, but at the same time, if we don’t change, then how will our lives improve? It’s time to reset and move on. Areas we think are not so bad are the most important now. God didn’t want you to fail or to mess up. But we are granted the ability to reset and move on, or eclipse ourselves and give up. Or, we settle for less and learn to cope with the mediocracy and nestle into a comfort zone high on potential and promises that never get manifested.

There will be so much energy of prosperity available on this New Moon, I hope that it isn’t eclipsed out of anyone’s reality. Go beyond astrology, transcend it by working with the archetypal programs that rule it with the New Moon Workshop.

Need some help with this New Moon in Sagittarius?

Sign up for the New Moon Online Workshop to learn more about the energy available and be guided in a meditation to harness the light throughout the 29-day cycle and the closure of the eclipse season before the new year.



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