For You, My Almost Lover…

For You, My Almost Lover

I remember the way you smiled at me. You had the best smile I had ever seen. The way you would shake from nerves at my presence. How cute was that?

I remember you being excited to text me the second you opened your eyes every day. You always asked about the simple things in my day, and how it went.

I remember you aching to see me for any reason, for any amount of time, at any time.

You were truly proud of my accomplishments, like they were your own. And you didn’t care to show that off! You were absolutely amazed that someone could make you feel so alive.

Then you ghosted me. See ya, bye.

No explanation. Even though I knew exactly why. You weren’t slick. Neither was she, if we’re being honest baby.

I quit checking on you. I quit posting on social media and it drove you crazy. You slid in every week to “check on me”.

“I just wanted to make sure you are okay.”

More like guilty conscious, baby. That’s okay.

It hurt for awhile. It hurt pretty deep. But now I see, I’m so lucky you were an almost lover. I got the better end of the deal and you’ll be miserable in just a few short months. It really does make me sad for you, but you really deserve it. Don’t come back to me almost lover. You don’t deserve me.


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