Focus On Your Vision And Don’t Worry About What People Have To Say…

Focus On Your Vision And Don’t Worry About What People Have To Say

Evolution is nature. Creativity and imagination are our friends. Even fear is our friend if we use it for vigilance purposes only and not stop us from the actual process. The way to look at a vision is how to get to that point. It is not if we can do it. It is about how can we do it? We must look for paths leading to the goal. It is very natural to travel on already build courses. And some destinations can be reached by traveling on old trails and getting a little farther. However, there are goals where there is no previous way to get there, and now we have to create a way to get there. It is hidden, and we have to find it. It appears as a vision, and then it comes to reality when mixed with other ingredients such as hard work, consistency, resiliency, etc. It is the same concept of how humans traveled in space or made all these tall buildings. When the goal is in question is where we question our abilities. It matters what we do with our strengths for ourselves and others because what we have, no one else has it. And wasting is not only our loss but also the one around us.

My friends, evolution is our friend. Change is our friend. Curiosity is in our nature, and we go in chase of new goals to make our and others’ lives comfortable. When humans decided to go to space, we did not have anything but imagination and thought. We chased the idea, and over generations, it became a reality. We did not know how we will have access to each other via social media; however, we evolved and came up with what we have, and with a still eye on what to come over time. It becomes more comfortable if we follow our natural curiosity, and as long as we are not stepping on the laws of nature, we do not have to worry about how someone sees our goals. Just because one is early in a room does not mean that they are in the wrong room, especially if you know where you are. Instead of explaining people to believe in us, we must focus on the process and start the work.

My friends, I can only imagine how people looked at the first person who expressed to fly. I am sure people would have thought that s/he must be insane and how is it possible. However, once the person on the missions sets out on the journey, s/he finds more people like them who are also passionate to do the same thing. The world belongs to crazy people who are mad enough to leave everything else for the vision and accept to be humiliated along the way and turn everything into a legacy as they create pathways for the generations to come. When the eyes are on the goal, my friends, it does not matter whether we go through mountains or oceans; the goal is to get there. The plan is to acquire proper skills. The action is to start working on it and stay consistent. And believe in ourselves and higher authority that it will come through.

We all grow together. I love you all.


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Waheed R Khan


I love speaking and writing about never giving up, finding strengths and weaknesses, self-esteem, positive and negative energies, and resiliency,…

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