Focus And Believe In Vision!…

Focus And Believe In Vision!

Focus and believe are two of my favorite words to describe human behavior. We do everything but merely focus. We believe in everything but ourselves, our abilities, and our uniqueness. Our response to distraction is at a new level high. We are even more distracted when we have to do something so that we do not have to face reality, and somehow, it will go away on its own. Excuses cover the acceptance of regret in advance, and we create stories to tell ourselves. And the story gets better as we precise it more and more in our head so that it is believable. So that when we get to the regret phase, we can use it as a lullaby. Even then, the story is less for us and more for others.

Once in a while, we get shaken by events that put us in alert mode, and we realize how many capabilities we have in ourselves. We then ask ourselves how come I could not think of this thing before, but it was there all along in reality. Even though it was there from before, few can connect the dots and see the entire picture. All those voices that had been keeping us distracted become obsolete. We start walking just like a spell is cast. Despite what anyone says, the visions seem possible to the one who can see them.

My friends, we must believe in ourselves, our ability, our uniqueness. We need to Focus, my friends and the vision becomes clear. And what happens in the background does not matter.

We all grow together. I love you all.


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Waheed R Khan


I love speaking and writing about never giving up, finding strengths and weaknesses, self-esteem, positive and negative energies, and resiliency,…

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