The Science and Spirituality of Flower Essences, Part V: Insufficient Interest…

The Science and Spirituality of Flower Essences, Part V: Insufficient Interest

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Flower Essences

As you’ve learned in previous blogs, flower essences, although gentle, are also formidable assistants in the quest toward overcoming negative emotions.

With all of the off-putting news with which we are bombarded on a daily basis, it’s often difficult to maintain interest in what’s going on, not only in the world at large, but also in our day-to-day lives.

We can begin to feel indifferent in an unhealthy way and our attention can be lost, leaving us to dwell in “la-la land”.

Deficient attention to current circumstances can be a sign of spiritual growth or an indicator that we would much rather “check out” than deal with what’s going on right in front of us.

When living in a fantasy world, it becomes more attractive to us than dealing with current issues.

It might be time to reach for those flower essences that can help us become more grounded and thus, attentive to our current environment.

And as always, meditation and/or mindfulness practice can be used along with flower essences to help center ourselves.

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The Different Flowers

For those who believe their life is ill-fated and as such, tend to withdraw into an imaginary world, Clematis has been known to supply clarity-of-mind and attentiveness to the present moment.

These folks tend to be ungrounded and apathetic to the minutiae of everyday life.

Clematis does not keep one from using their creative mind, but rather teaches us to create a link between our ideas and the corporeal world to effectively manifest what we would like to see and/or experience.


Chestnut Bud can be useful when we make the same or similar mistakes repeatedly but fail to learn from those mistakes.

It will assist you to use your observational skills and experiences to learn more quickly and refrain from diving in to similar situations of the past.


Honeysuckle can also be an effective choice to help “unstick” you so you can be here, now.

If you are in need of rescue from sudden feelings of sorrow that are not linked to current events or you experience that type of overwhelming hopelessness that comes from nowhere, Mustard can be an uplifting choice.


Olive too, can be elevating, helping you recover energy and focus with regard to your life.


Irresponsibility, in its numerous forms, can often be resolved by using Wild Rose.

This essence will drive you not only to take charge of your life, but to increase your awareness of the entire planet.

You will be able to effectively reconnect to yourself and your present circumstances while re-joining the world around you.

Finally, when your mind feels like it’s packed with too many negative thoughts and you feel like “spacing out” or running away, White Chestnut can be useful in helping clear the mind. White Chestnut will help you clean the slate and start anew.


At one time or another, we all experience feelings of inattention.

Flower essences are just another tool that can help you refocus your attention and move forward with purpose.


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