Finding New Ways To Meditate…

Finding New Ways To Meditate

I’ve always struggled to get quiet, to be able to zone out and clear my head of all the things my day overwhelmed me with. I would get to the end of my day and think, how do I sit still long enough to silence my thoughts and rid my body of this pent up anxiety?

Talking to the people around me, it’s so easy to suggest – meditating. “Go meditate”.

Meditation Does Not Have to be Traditional

Let’s point out that meditation is the focus on one thing with intent. It is most often seen as breathwork and focusing on slowing down our thoughts, long enough for us to release them.

Where are my fellow friends who can’t sit still and who can’t shut down their mind? As psychic-medium and a specialist in energy medicine – I have A LOT of energy. And I know there are many of you who do too. But our meditative space is so important, right? There are other ways we can connect to our deeper selves without having to completely shut off. *yay*

Deciding How You Want to Feel

What happens when we focus so hard on something? We tend to over examine every little detail and all the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s of the specific situation. But when I ask someone how they want to feel, we jump to generic answers like I just want… to be happy, OR him to love me, OR for her to trust me OR even a critical judgment call about ourselves like I hate the way I look.

Hold up! Let’s think backward here. I like to START with how you REALLY want to feel, and let that be the focus. Working backwards allows us to say that experience doesn’t line up with how I want to feel. It helps to connect the dots. For a busy, busy mind and an energetic soul, I encourage meditation through creative engagement.


Jump into your creative space. This will look different from everyone. This could be a hobby, sport, gym class or a social club you are a part of. My form of meditation is dance. I grew up competitive dancing my entire life and I’ve grown to realize that when I don’t want to push myself out of my comfortable space, I avoid my classes. When I need to zone out, get zen, clear my head – I put myself in that high energy hip-hop class and dance my worries away. Not only do I connect to the music and to the movements of the class but meeting people from different walks of life is a learning experience. We learn from other people and being inspired by others can show us where we may need to make changes, what challenges we may face and even what our strengths are. There is so much we can learn about ourselves when we let ourselves go.

If you are struggling to get yourself into a deep meditation, give this a try. I challenge you to do something new this month – go that paint class, play beach volleyball or pick up a coffee and grab a good book. That sounds like pretty good meditation to me.

And remember. You aren’t doing meditation wrong. You are finding new ways that work for you.


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