3 Shocking Ways To ‘Find Yourself’ Through Everyday Personal Items…

3 Shocking Ways To ‘Find Yourself’ Through Everyday Personal Items

You can Find Yourself…with a Chair?

There is an orange chair that sits patiently at my desk, waiting for me to arrive at my office each day. It is not my private property.

It has some worn edges, adjustable armrests, swivels well, and has the best high back possible for total comfort. It fits me so well.

Last summer, when I relocated my office to another building, I took the chair with me. Somehow, I felt, “I can’t work to my fullest capacity without this chair, it must go with me.” It is a signature chair.

When others look for my office, they look for it. “She is the one with the orange chair.” I wonder: Am I known only for my orange chair? Or does the chair represent something less tangible; more intuitive and reflective, something I can only see?

When I sincerely look at the chair, I am aware it is not the chair that holds significance, but rather the significance I have attached to its meaning. That somehow, without that chair, I may not be the same person.

Is it fear of change that connects me to that chair? Is it the memories I have made with special people while I sat in that chair?

It’s not the object—the orange chair—but what it represents to me.

I have taken an inanimate object and reflected it back upon myself, for a greater meaning of who I am and where my path may be leading.

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What does your “orange chair” represent?

It can be anything. More importantly, how do you translate it into something more thoughtful and representative of your life?

With, of course, the realization it is not the “orange chair” that holds meaning, but rather the meaning attached.

It is not a form of personification, giving human attributes or qualities to the object, but a metaphor, symbolic of something else. Seeing the familiar more clearly—to be amazed by things that are ordinary or commonplace.

The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said “The aspects of things that are most important for us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.”

Be amazed and intrigued by things you take for granted.

See the chair for what it represents

Your “orange chair” should represent deeper thought and clearer personal meaning—the ability to look at an object, a memory, a time in place—as intuitive information that helps you gain greater clarity.

The “orange chair” may stay behind when you leave

This is called letting go. This is so important to living a more intuitive life: growing and living for the future, and to fear less and live more.

My orange chair will stay behind when I leave, when I let go of the present and step into my own future. I will be thankful I was able to see meaning in my orange chair, for that, in my mind, is the cornerstone of my own self-discovery.


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