Find Your True Self For Happiness…

Find Your True Self For Happiness

Do not look with your eyes, for there is nothing to see.
Follow your heart, and you will see with your Third Eye.

This is from my recent novel, The Three Desert Stones. When I wrote the story, it was merely to narrate a passage of my childhood in Morocco. I never thought that I would step into a spiritual journey in my adult life. 75% of the story is true, 35% is fantasy, 30% is Zen. Yes, we live in a quantum reality. We always have, but our Cartesian mind limits reality to a 100% equation. It is time to change our gaze on life, nature, ourselves and the universe. Now, take a Yang breath (breathe-in 8 seconds, hold 4, breathe-out 8) and let the chi flow in every part of your body.

Yang Breath

I currently teach Zen martial art. Writing the novel made me realize that Zen was already rooted in me as a child. Or should I say that Akma, the character in the story, must have seen it with her Third Eye and initiated me to a spiritual awakening. Despite all the detours I took in my life, I came back to Zen to be in touch with my true nature. In fact, I am not unique. We all have moments in life that function like “pauses” to make us go inward and see from the heart – not with our ordinary eyes, for there is nothing to see really. It is all about a new perception on reality that makes us expand our consciousness. Writing the novel was a pause for me. Now, take another Yang breath (8/4/8) and let the chi flow in every cell of your body. Sincerely feel it, do not try to imagine it. In fact, do not try anything – just let the feeling come up. Bring up an experience in your life, or a memorable moment. Do it spontaneously. Do not think too much. Let’s use this as a possible “pause” for you, a moment to look deeply inward and expand your consciousness. Listen to (do not watch the video) as you take a regular deep breath-in through the nose and let your belly slowly expand. Repeat once more, and while continuing breathing that way, bring your attention to your tandien (two fingers below the navel). This point is where the chi originates. Do not think of the experience itself, you have already brought it up in your energy field as a thought. Focus on your breath and the tandien, nothing more. Feel the chi flowing, follow the breath taking you deeper inward. It may take some time to reach that level but keep doing it. Let images or any feeling come to the surface with no judgment. Simply observe with a Buddha smile (half smile). This is the first step to connect with your true Self. This is the characteristic of the Red Desert Stone in my novel.


“If you want to shrink something, you have first to allow it to expand.” Tao Te Ching

Quantum physics and Zen tell us that nature and the universe are not binary, only our gaze is. What does it mean really? Opposites do exist in nature like the negative and positive poles of a magnet. However, this is only what they are – forces that create movement and changes in nature. If everything was positive or only negative, there would be no movement. The planet would not even turn, so to speak. Day and night seem opposite just like breathing-in and breathing-out. However, they are “one” complete cycle of life. One cannot exist without the other. You cannot breathe-in forever, you need to breathe-out at some point. As a parallel, the sun does not stop shining at night, the planet turns and moves one side away from the sun. You get the point. So, what makes opposites become “binary” is the set of values we attach to each side of the opposition which turns our reality to an absolute binary experience. We define what is good or bad, judge, etc., all of which creates suffering and wars in the world. Now, take three cycles of Yang breath (8/4/8) and let the following sentence vibrate in you: I see and exist beyond duality. You will never find peacefulness and oneness within yourself if you try to “resolve” the binary way of life by looking for “treatises, compromises, regulations, philosophies,” etc.  You need to go beyond the binary mindset and shift consciousness – not seeing from within the binary mindset. Do not look with your ordinary eyes. Do not theorize on binary concepts. Go further. Can you imagine how your mind would function if you grew up with the concept that there is no rising and setting of the sun but rather that it is you turning with the planet? There would have been no oppositions in your reality of nature. Such a little change in perception can create a cascade of effects. Dare see and experience reality differently.

Taoist Breath

Now, let’s do a Taoist breathing to bring binary thinking to point zero. Pull in your belly muscles toward your spine like a regular breathing-out, and hold the muscles in. Breathe-in and out slowly that way and notice the expansion of the chest and lower tandiens. This technique brings more consciousness to the heart chakra. Continue breathing that way. This time, listen to Bring up an experience caught in a binary mindset, or simply bring up the intention to expand your mind. Then just focus on your breath and your heart chakra, and let all thoughts pass by like clouds. Do not attach to thoughts by stopping your attention on them, simply let them come and go, as we say in Zen. Continue focusing on your heart chakra, which is called the second tandien in martial art, where all opposites collapse in unity, point zero. Which does not mean that opposites are dissolved but simply coexist on a higher level of consciousness that is not binary. Enjoy the experience of feeling energy flow in your all body. This is the Green Desert Stone experience in my novel.

A New Consciousness

We all know by now that the planet is reaching a higher frequency, thus creating changes in nature and human societies. Consequently, our consciousness must also change. Otherwise, if we resist with our old thinking we are doomed to generate problems of health and energy. Are we not tired of the stagnation of human consciousness based upon a binary way of thinking leading nowhere? Then it is time to work on ourselves to raise our consciousness and grow as a human species on earth. By working on the two tandiens I gave you, you will surely see changes in you and see with your Third Eye (Blue Desert Stone in my novel). This is your journey. Enjoy! If you have followed my directions in this post, you have worked on your chi and breathing quite a lot – especially if you have never done this kind of breathing. Then, take a moment to close your eyes, lie down and let your body reset its own breathing peacefully and naturally.


Viviane Casimir, Ph.D.


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Viviane Casimir


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