The Scientific Guide To Finding The Right Gemstone For YOU…

The Scientific Guide To Finding The Right Gemstone For YOU


For thousands of years, gemstones have been thought of as bridges to higher realms. Without exception, every long-lived culture in world history prized gemstones, often reserving them for healing or spiritual ceremonies. Many cultures even tied their national identity to them, as in the case of the Mayans with turquoise.

So why were gemstones so popular? If you look at things in terms of energy (and most spiritual traditions do in one way or another), then human beings are basically filling our own energetic ‘gaps’ through our various desires.

Basically, we’re seeking happiness and fulfillment in one form or another. But the problem is humans have so many ‘gaps’ that we can’t always fill them in easily…or even permanently (even with spiritual practices). That’s why using certain tools, such as gemstones and precious metals, can help.

Certain stones and elements give off energy that can fill in these gaps.

This comes from millions of years forming in the earth, absorbing the intense pressure, heat, or whatever unique earth property went into its formation.

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Understanding what You Need

Our own energetic needs are determined not so much by external circumstances, but our internal life. For instance, you may find that a certain circumstance has caused you to feel hurt, and therefore less likely to trust others.

Or maybe you’re having trouble expressing yourself in the work space, or you need to work on your confidence. All these things can cause a bit of turmoil in life. And while you should meet the issue head-on (as in introspection), sometimes an extra boost is needed.

Gemstones can greatly help with that. But first, you have to get really honest with yourself: Where do you feel like you need to do some work on yourself? What’s within you that’s preventing you from leading the life you’ve always wanted?

Personally, I recommend using a basic test to help you figure out where you could use a little support from gemstones.

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Filling the Energetic Gaps

Once you determine what’s working for you and what’s not, you can begin to do some research into which gemstones can help. But see if you can identify the specific emotion first, and then go from there. Then you can begin to do research based upon what serves you, and not what looks good. I know it’s easy to do that, but you have to look at it from the perspective of healing yourself and using a tool rather just something nice to look at.

BUT, the nice thing is many of the most healing gemstones are also the most popular…and many have been made into jewelry. Wearing your gemstone has the benefit of allowing you to absorb the energy constantly- which makes it much easier when compared to a raw stone.

The Basic List

Now you can choose a stone that works for you! This list has a wide variety of stones for a wide variety of purposes.

Check it out and see what works:

  • Amazonite— Soothes; is good for those undergoing emotional processes; and pacifies worries, fear, and aggravations. It’s excellent for children, neurological problems, and nerves.
  • Amber— Calms nerves, enlivens the body, and rekindles energy.
  • Amethyst— Releases negative thought programming, clears emotional blockages, moves you into cooperation with other supportive forces, allows you to “sense” (use sensibility) with your emotions, and moves you into a more conscious state to see the cause and effect of your emotional responses.
  • Aquamarine— Quiets fears, phobias, and anxiety; releases expectation; shields, stabilizes, and eases discomforts and hiccups (caused by fear).
  • Aventurine— Purifies the emotional body and tranquilizes nerves.
  • Bloodstone— Grounds the emotional heart, alleviates distress and anxiety, used as a support tool.
  • Blue lace agate— Alleviates spiritual tension and emotional intensity.
  • Botswana agate— Soothes repressed emotions and moves you beyond limits; it’s excellent for smokers whose nerves are on edge.
  • Calcite— Clears chakras by color. Calcite is a gentle cleanser of emotional upsets and helps you move forward after releasing emotional restrictions.
  • Carnelian— Works with extreme negative states such as envy, fear, rage, and sorrow. Connects to the Higher Self for emotional clearing, to move negative states into states of love; it dispels apathy and encourages trust by connecting the lower chakras (base, sacral, and solar plexus) to the heart.
  • Citrine— Calms fears, promotes happiness, and frees energy for spontaneous expression energies.
  • Clear quartz— Unblocks and transmutes negative energy. Dispels negative dispositions.
  • Emerald— An emotional heart soother, this crystal provides peace at the heart level, especially about matters that trigger anxiety. Instead of falling into a deep emotional pit, emerald will help focus and guide your actions to stay centered on your life’s purpose.
  • Fluorite— All colors of fluorite calm the emotional body. Purple fluorite helps to break up emotional blockages.
  • Lapis lazuli— Provides objective insight and mental clarity. Unblocks and releases emotions from the heart for self-acceptance. Reconnects the wounded parts.
  • Malachite— A heavy releaser of negative emotions, it’s best used in conjunction with rose quartz to bring peace to emotions after releasing.
  • Moonstone— Reduces emotional tension, provides for missing emotional nurturing, and helps to bring a sense of peace to the emotions.
  • Obsidian— A huge releaser of negative emotions, it is somewhat overpowering in releasing old energy patterns by piercing any resistance. Transmutes energy blockages into white light.
  • Onyx— Alleviates mental confusion and absorbs grief.
  • Opal— Brightens negative attitudes and dispels dark moods. Helps to discern the truth and brings hope and happiness to the wearer.
  • Peridot— Targets jealousy and aims at releasing self-centeredness. Restores inner balance that is overpowered by self-destruction.
  • Rose quartz— Soothes and purifies all emotions. Provides loving energy and comfort to those with raw emotional states.
  • Selenite— Allows you to reach beyond your emotional state to the higher psycho-spiritual centers such as altruism, compassion, and love.
  • Smoky quartz—Excellent for stubborn people who refuse to let go of negative emotions. A powerful healer that dissolves and transmutes energy.
  • Sodalite— Calms emotions and numbs mental chatter.
  • Tiger eye— Provides mental and emotional discipline for people who are unable to appreciate self-responsibility.
  • Tourmaline— Green tourmaline is a major unblocker of emotional energy, keeping energy circuits open and energy flowing. Pink tourmaline activates and soothes the heart and provides feelings of intense beauty while preventing victimization.
  • Turquoise— Provides emotional detachment and focus on self-accomplishment without entanglement with others.
  • Unakite— The two colors of this crystal, pink and green, relate to the emotional (pink = movement) and the physical (green = grounding) parts of the heart chakra. This crystal supports moving on after disappointment.


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