3 Ways To Find Tranquility In 10 Minutes Or Less…

3 Ways To Find Tranquility In 10 Minutes Or Less


No mat? No space? No time?

No problem!

The practice of yoga gives us the tools to relax in just 10 seconds no matter where we are.

Even better – no one will notice that you are in a time out.

Here are three quick, easy and silent ways to break the flow of negative energy around us.

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Tense – Relax:

Mentally focus on your hands.

Ball them to tight fists, hold for 5 seconds and then fully flex hand and fingers, down by your side, hold for 5 seconds and relax.

It will send positive energy up your arms and into your upper body.

Our minds and our bodies are linked.

Relaxing the body relaxes the mind and sets the stage for good health, vitality and peace of mind.

Focused Breath:

Consciously shift from automatic shallow breathing to focus and take one full breath.

Make sure your lungs fully expand, hold the air for a moment, and then fully exhale.

It will revitalize your body, steady your emotions, and clarify your thoughts.

Breath brings the essence of life into our bodies to revitalize our thoughts and our energy.

Focused breath helps us capture the complete benefits of that energy.

Jhana Mudra:

Hold your thumbs and pointer fingers together– extend and curl the remaining fingers upward to capture, seal, and protect your positive energy from outside interference.

Momentarily focus your thoughts in a positive place.

Jhana mudra unites your individual soul with the supreme soul to increase your focus and harness universal energy.

The ability to relax wherever you may be in whatever circumstances surround you is a tonic for your body and an elixir for your mind.

The benefits are cumulative and monumental!


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