4 Tips To Find Real Love…

4 Tips To Find Real Love

Love is Closer than You Think

Reflective YOU is me now in the imagery of YOU.

Everyone is mirroring part of you according to your beliefs and experiences in every moment of now.

Each person you bring into your awareness is seen through your own perspective based on what you know as truth for you.

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Love Within You

You cannot give to others what you do not have within yourself. When you want to leave, run, or be rude to another, you are being the same way to yourself.

On the other hand, falsely believing you can love another more than yourself is a lie that dampens your spiritual light.

Whatever the amount of of love you hold for yourself is all that you can hold for another.

It’s NEVER the Other Person

Truth is known as the perspective in which a person believes is true for them.

Blaming or praising another comes in reaction perceiving yourself in them.

In a way, this means that when relationships turn chaotic, it’s truly you who has created that chaos!

Blame says you did this to me; truth says I created you to do this to me for a purpose.

Knowing the purpose of others in your life allows you to create the journey and perspectives you desire for your own journey in experiencing a much richer life.

Stop Resisting Yourself

Resisting others in your life creates an energy block within that prevents you from loving yourself completely.

You should begin to ask yourself “What is the fear that I’ve created to resist that person?”

There is an underlying story of fear that allows for resistance to be created. If you are resisting a person being a part of your life, they will show up even more.

What you resist, you persist!

Allowing yourself to let go of their story and see them as light allows you to see yourself in the same light.

You hear it all the time, “if they would just, then I could…” that is a controlling excuse keeping you from your truth thus not allowing life to flow.

Aligning and Allowing Love

Love is just allowing each person to be themselves right where they are at all times.

By letting go of judgments (which are limiting beliefs within you created from fear), you allow others to be themselves- which opens an energetic alignment of flow that happens naturally.


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