How To Feng Shui Your Living Area And Achieve Positive Energy Flow…

How To Feng Shui Your Living Area And Achieve Positive Energy Flow

Here's how to achieve positive energy flow in your home with Feng Shui.

The first step in making your home Feng Shui-friendly is to understand the basics: the five elements that Feng Shui is based on represent the most common materials in an everyday home – earth, water, metal, wood, and fire. All these elements must be efficiently combined in color and direction in order to make positive life energy called ‘chi’ flow through the home and bring the household joy and harmony.

Follow these tips in order to find the right balance and you will feel beneficial changes sooner than you think!

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1) Make the kitchen a central area

The kitchen is considered to be a place where the energy is highly concentrated due to it providing nutrition for the whole household. You want to position the kitchen centrally in your home because this way you will enable chi to flow evenly. Avoid blocking the passages from the kitchen to other rooms because this way you’re blocking chi, as well.

If you must have some doors, then make sure to position them so they open away from the kitchen. This way chi energy won’t get stuck circulating only in the center of the home. Another useful way to avoid energy conflicts is not to place the cooker facing the entrance door or just beneath the window – fire and air elements don’t go well together.

2) Mind where you place your furniture

Feng Shui teaches us that carefully positioning everything in our home is important. If just one element is positioned oddly, the balance of the whole home might be at stake.

You should start with having the front door in mind, because chi enters through the front door, and placing any large piece of furniture next to it will narrow the space for chi to flow. Furthermore, the stairs shouldn’t be placed facing the front door, because in this case all the positive energy will go straight to the second floor and stay there. Couches should be placed so that they’re supported by walls, and this support will transfer to anyone who sits on them. Wealth energy is activated by placing a source of light in the corner of the room in a diagonal position from the entrance. As for the bedroom, you should opt for the bed to be in line with the bedroom door.

3) Avoid sharp edges in the bathroom

The bathroom is the area most connected to wealth, thus it is considered a space where money can easily go down the toilet. In order to prevent your wealth from energetically draining, always keep the toilet lid down and the bathroom doors closed. When it comes to chi, keep in mind that this energy doesn’t like sharp edges. You can help chi flow through the bathroom better if you choose bathtubs with softer lines, maybe even round ones.

Circular bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes, and you can’t go wrong by investing in quality designer baths. Not only will you help the flow of chi by choosing a freestanding bath with a smooth line, but you will also add an interesting focal point to make your bathroom pop.

4) Let the light and the air in

Keep it clean and keep it light – this is the best way to assure that your home is Feng Shui-friendly. A clean home is one where only positive energy circulates, while dirt tends to attract negative energy. Clutters are also enemies of chi, because each clutter will block chi from distributing evenly. By letting the light in, you will enrich your home with a more positive flow, and clean air will bring you balance. The more windows, the merrier, but candles and small pendants will also do. Small décor tweaks can be more beneficial to your home energy than you can hope for.

5) Don’t stop until you achieve harmony

The most important goal when it comes to Feng Shui is organizing your home in a harmonious manner. This means that you need to give chi a chance to distribute evenly throughout your home. You can do so in many ways, and one was the already mentioned de-cluttering solution.

Providing all the occupants with the same amount of space is another way to go. One private room mustn’t be much larger than the other, because this way you disrupt the natural order of chi. Mirrors are a neat way to help the energy restore on its own, especially if you place them facing some greenery. The more plants you have in your home (even if it’s only a reflection of greenery), the better your home environment will feel. You can use round mirrors to both extend the length of a smaller room and invite wealth and harmony into your home.

Keep in mind that every change you make to your home needs to be in balance with the rest of it. A good Feng Shui room is based on a well-choreographed dance of shapes, colors, and positions, so make sure you know your steps!

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