Becoming A Dream-Releaser: The Feminine Divine Revolution…

Becoming A Dream-Releaser: The Feminine Divine Revolution


Recurring aspects or themes of feminine divinity are Mother (nurturer) and Fertility (creator)–these are evident across cultures and time.  What we mean by the “feminine divine” relates to “dream releasing.”  In this sense, it means a cooperative impulse aimed at nurturing the creative potential in others and giving life to the actualization of one’s dreams.  Feminine divinity can unleash a revolution–not a political one–but one that is spiritual and changes how we interact with one another.  It means looking for ways to use our resources, professional and personal, to nurture and release another’s creative potential, as well as helping them make their dreams come true.  Doing so begins the dream-maker revolution where each of us is a revolutionary.

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Resistance to Cooperation

You might say, isn’t this self-sacrifice?  That’s for the Dalai Lamas and Mother Theresas of this world.  We aren’t realized souls; we are just humans biologically and psychologically programmed for survival of the fittest.  In that respect, there is a natural resistance in human nature to adopt a policy of giving to others, particularly, if it means highlighting and promoting their successes.  This resistance comes from an ego-driven, “me-first” mentality or, perhaps, from fear that in promoting another we will lose our own success, our “edge.”  Yet, this type of stinginess comes at the cost of one’s spiritual growth–the ultimate currency of success.


Interestingly, in the giving you do receive.  It is because our lives are interconnected; living either selflessly or selfishly resonates notes across humanity.  Dr. Martin Luther King called this the “inescapable network of mutuality” and wrote that we are all caught in a “single garment of destiny.”  Lovingkindness, as Agape in Christian spirituality as well as what the Dalai Lama has long advocated, serves as the spiritual force for the feminine divine.  Its influence is palpable, wherein each day we look for a way to unleash the creativity and potential of others.

How to Accept Feminine Divinity and Become a Dream Releaser

Here are some ways you can be a force of feminine divinity and a dream releaser:

  • Let go of your “important person” syndrome.
  • Open a door of opportunity for another.
  • Don’t be a success hoarder: share your secrets.

The Payoff

So many wonderful things would be possible if we became dream releasers and started the domino effect of splitting that creative atom in others. Imagine the incredible opportunities and results in business, academia, science and technology, and artistic endeavors that could occur and be unleashed.  One act of believing in and helping another can lead to a tsunami of incredible developments; one act of doing is all it takes to begin the revolution.


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