Feeling Stressed? Try 2-Minute Sound Meditations!…

Feeling Stressed? Try 2-Minute Sound Meditations!

When you’re anxious, your brain becomes a noisy place. Unfortunately, the most negative thoughts tend to speak up the loudest.

It’s tough to lower the volume on this cranky chatter. But you can drown it out with sound meditations.

Chances are you’ve done a sound meditation—without even realizing it— whenever you’ve gotten lost in the sound of your favorite music.

You know how you’re more able to tune out negative thoughts when you’re grooving to some good tunes? Well, that’s because you’re doing a sound meditation of sorts.

They say music has the power to soothe the savage beast. I’ve personally found that to be true. The right song has definitely soothed my inner savage beast.

As it turns out, the calming power of music has been backed by research. Lots of studies support that music has a relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. In fact, many people seek the comfort of music before, during, and after surgery, believing in its calming powers.

Researchers from Queen Mary University, Barts Health NHS Trust, and Brunel University found that patients who listened to music not only experienced more calm—they also wound up requesting less pain relievers.

Music has been used therapeutically for patients in operating rooms since 1914. Florence Nightingale has even been rumoured to have enlisted music to help soothe and relax her patients.

In the same way sound meditations can distract patients from physical pain, they can distract you from emotional pain, too.

But music is not the only sound advice for a sound meditation!

You can use the power of chanting a mantra.

If you’re not familiar with mantras – they are sacred utterances —either a word or a group of words with positive associations— that you say out loud.

Mantras make a very relaxing sound meditation, and that’s a research-backed opinion.

A study in Brain and Behavior reported that repeating a single-word mantra, even without a spiritual context or other practices typical of meditation, had a definite calming effect.

I believe mantras work because they do double duty as a neurolinguistic programming (NLP) tool. NLP is a therapy built on the belief that using positive and self-loving language can influence your subconscious mind.

2 Good 2-Minute Sound Meditations

Sound Meditation #1:

Repeat the phrase “Everything always works out for me” over and over – for 2 minutes. For best results, say it while looking in the mirror at yourself. Vary how you say it so these words don’t become “white noise.” Say it slowly, then quickly, then softly, then loudly. Repeat for two minutes.

Sound Meditation #2:

Repeat the word calm—but pronounce it “calmmmmm.” Doing this for two minutes, you’ll get the NLP benefits from the positive word calm—plus you’ll cash in on the famed vibrational benefits of chanting “ommmmm.”

Feel free to use these 2 sound meditations any time you feel overwhelmed. They are quick, fun and simple to do —plus hugely effective at stopping a moving train of negative thoughts from plowing through my day.

I offer many more 2-minute sensory meditations in my book Instant Calm [https://www.notsalmon.com/books/instant-calm/] – each offering the power to snap you right out of your anxious mindset and into a state of relaxed mindfulness. Instant Calm [https://www.notsalmon.com/books/instant-calm/] is great for beginners to meditation – as well as advanced meditators – because there’s something for everyone. Learn more here! {https://www.notsalmon.com/books/instant-calm/}


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