Feeling Sick? Reiki Can Help…

Feeling Sick? Reiki Can Help

How are people like onions?

No, there is no punch line. This is not a joke! The human being is a multi-layered being, existing on energetic levels of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Our health and wellbeing starts at that inner most layer of the onion, which means that there can be a lot of ‘stuff’ to peel away to get to the underlying cause of the concern or problem that you have.

That inner core of the onion is your spiritual being. We can have trauma on this level from past lives, from pre-natal experiences and of course from everything that happens to us in this life from the day we are born. Most of us do not, and can not, have a great level of understanding or awareness about the wounds that we carry on this level. However, the problem is that when we live our lives without paying attention to and looking after after our emotional, mental and physical bodies the damage on the spiritual level will start to spread and this toxicity will develop into health issues that we are then forced to become more aware of – such as emotional imbalance, mental health problems or physical pain and disease.

What shows on the outside reflects what is going on inside.

What’s the answer, already?!

So the short answer to my initial question of whether Reiki (my favourite energy healing practice) could help when you are feeling sick is a resounding ‘Yes’!

The beauty of using energy healing is that the Universal energy – which we tap into through any energy healing practice – knows where it needs to go and will work on all levels of your being to heal you from the inside out! Just remember though that it is usually the case that the deeper the underlying cause, the more work it will take to get through to it. This is the reason that you may not notice significant differences after just one energy healing session. The energy is going wherever it needs to go first and that may be somewhere deep below the surface that you are not consciously aware of and it may have a lot of work to do here! You may even feel ‘worse’ to begin with – more tired, more emotional, more ‘blah’ and this is because there is a lot going on in there.

Feeling Worse – the Healing Crisis

In my practice it is unusual for clients not to notice something significant, even after just one Reiki session, but that is not necessarily something that they immediately recognise as positive. When we do feel ‘worse’ after energy healing, this is called a ‘healing crisis’ and as with any other crisis in life, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it, definitely do not ignore it but do continue to do the work to get through it!

In order to get through the crisis, continue the healing process, have more sessions of energy healing. It is also very important to do whatever you can outside of the healing studio to continue and enhance your healing journey, because in fact only you can heal you – your favourite healer is just a facilitator!

Everyone’s experience of Reiki (or any other energy healing modality) will be slightly different and will also generally change a bit each time. Sometimes the initial results are purely ‘positive’ – you feel ‘better’, more energetic, more relaxed, more well – it will depend entirely on the underlying cause of your wellbeing concern, and as we have already discussed you may not be consciously aware of what this is.

How to heal yourself?

Using the Evenstar 5 Star Wellbeing approach will be extremely beneficial. Eat whole Foods from the earth, avoid processed foods and ‘food-like’ substances; prioritise Sleep – this is the best, completely free medicine that we all have available to us; Move your body very often, in a variety of ways; ensure that your Surroundings support your wellbeing through being toxin free and as natural as possible, use energetic healing tools within your environment such as essential oils, crystals, flower essences; ensure that you spend plenty of time as a human Being rather than constantly as a human doing – meditate, get into nature, do things that give you joy, prioritise balance in all areas of life.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.


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