February NEW MOON | Inner Awakening | Vedic Astrology Forecast…

February NEW MOON | Inner Awakening | Vedic Astrology Forecast

The new moon of Feb. 1 (Jan 31/9:46 pm PT) calls for inner focus that can awaken the heart and mind. If you’re at a turning point and ready for something new, now is the time to let go of the past and reset to a higher vision.

The new moon is in the area of the sky called Shravana, the Vedic star of learning.  Studying, as well as listening to and playing music are some ways to harness this new moon energy.  This new moon can heighten your power of observation, sharpen intuition and help you to tune into subtle messages of the heart.

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In India, Shravana new moon is celebrated as Mauni Amavasya“the dark moon of silence.”  A vow of silence is often kept on this day, to make space in the mind for the sacred to enter.

An alignment with stoic Saturn creates a sobering and edge to the new moon and may ask for something to be let go of.  Saturn is combust and joined with the sun exactly on Feb 3, creating a feeling of exhaustion. This is a good time to simplify things and take stock of what you truly want in life.

Retrograde Venus, the goddess of love and wealth turns direct on Jan 29, setting the stage for a new awakening around issues of love and money.  The ‘Queen of Heaven’, Venus, can be seen rising as morning star now. This is a poignant time to transform beliefs around self-worth, respect and belonging.  Venus will reach peak brightness (and empowerment) on Feb 9.

After Feb 3, Mercury Retrograde will also turn direct. Communicative Mercury’s positive shift forward can remove long-standing obstacles and sharpen clarity in future plans.

However, a challenging alignment called Kala Sarpa Yoga continues to magnify the intensity of collective issues and political tensions.   Kala Sarpa Yoga amplifies transformation and evolution on a global level, and socio-political, as well economic situations, are in a pressure cooker for the next 2 months.

Also, starting from Feb 10, the polarizing energies of Venus and Mars will join together in Graha Yuddha (planetary war).  This masculine-feminine merging creates a “fire and ice” dynamic that can enflame passions and frustrations, and may bring tense and volatile situations. Stay focused on compassionate listening, sharing, and co-creating.

How these planetary transits affect you depends on your birth chart.  Book a Vedic Astrology reading to find out more.


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