February: Aquarius New Moon…

February: Aquarius New Moon

February 11, 2021

“When we see the light in everyone, we experience life in all its brilliance.”
– @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

This New Moon in Aquarius will open new doors into an entirely new reality. At the time of the New Moon, on 2/11/21 there will be seven planets found in Aquarius! Plus, Jupiter and Venus are aligned, giving us a big push to go big! Aquarius is the thinker of the Zodiac, picture the thinker statue! With so much to contemplate, especially during the pandemic, we are called to dive deep into our thought processes and eliminate “the need to know”.

“The need to know” can get us into a lot of trouble and block our ability to see the light within others. “The need to know” is satiated by anything or anyone, and can be very dangerous.

For example, “the need to know” can open our ears when they should be closed and close them when they should be open. One of the ways we can hack this New Moon in Aquarius is by not listening to people who don’t know what they are talking about! But how can we know who these people are? Well, if you can identify your own ego, then you can see when ego is acting out within someone else! These are people who are regurgitating and mimicking what’s trending or being talked about, or even what will make them a profit!

Plus, more good news is that when we see the light within others, our ears will close when they should and open when they should. With so much information and disinformation floating around, it can be difficult to see through the storm, but when we see the light within others, even if it’s faint, our faculties will optimize.

As we have seen, life renders situations that don’t seem fair. But, it’s in these times that we can expand our awareness and elevate our level of consciousness which can completely change our world. For example, how many times do you consider the situation you’re in is a result of your past actions? Or maybe that the situation is propelling you towards your destiny, which may not look like your “game plan”. We come into this world with a debt to pay and most of us aren’t aware of when or how we will pay it. But the choice is always ours, even if we aren’t aware of it.

This New Moon in Aquarius wants to awaken your awareness of the spiritual laws beyond cause and effect and what goes around comes around…..We can use the energy of this New Moon in Aquarius to make amends and pay our debts. No matter if people have hurt us or not, harboring resentment violates the cosmic law of compassion and blocks attaining higher levels of consciousness.

We are entering a very powerful New Moon which will help us break out of the boxes we’ve put ourselves in.


The question of this quest

Twenty-four hours before and twenty-four hours after the New Moon is a cosmic window where subconscious content rises to the surface and asks us to deal with whatever we have suppressed so that it will not contaminate our work. Zodiac Hacks tells us that the New Moon is a time to receive energy for our quest! To access the quantum quest of Aquarius, we should open ourselves to the following question:

How do I understand the difference between “Consciousness” and “Awareness”?

Contemplate this question during the forty-eight hour New Moon window, and be open to any insights that come into your consciousness. It’s time for you to become the master of your reality and contribute positive energy to the cosmos.

Zodiacal city

The Moon, which represents our vessel, will be empty and ready to receive everything it needs for its twenty-nine-day journey around the zodiacal city. As it transits through each constellation neighborhood, it collects and gathers various gifts and lessons. Yet before it departs for its journey, there is a 48-hour window of preparation where it downloads everything necessary to make its journey a successful one. This is why I offer a guided New Moon meditation when we assure that we can receive everything we can to ensure a successful journey.

How to work with this New Moon in Aquarius

  • Where does this New Moon fall within your chart? How is it affecting other planets? Need illumination on this? Get the Sun/Moon Meditation Workbook and I’ll illuminate where you need to focus.
  • Answer the question of this quest: How do I understand the difference between “Consciousness” and “Awareness”?
  • Inhale, diffuse or get a massage with the Aquarius Essential Oil which has been energetically charged by Arik Xander.
  • Use some cedarwood.
  • Wear some rhodonite.
  • Take supplements for the bones.
  • Set your intentions in the Zodiac Hacks® Sun Moon Workbook
  • Participate in the online workshop which includes a teaching, workshop and guided meditation.
  • Make a donation or tithe.

I hope you have found this complimentary forecast useful and insightful. If you want to give back and support this work, it is happily and spiritually received here.

BTW – New Moon’s are one of the most powerful times to donate or tithe as it multiplies the practice manyfold). Thank you for your donations, we always pray for those who donate to us.

Have a wonderful New Moon in Aquarius and I thank you for being the one who makes a difference by using DASH® Astrology.


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