You’re given a 24-hour notice of your death. You have no details; like if it will hurt.

If you’ll be alone. Whether it will be quick or really slow. So, do you sleep the night before? And if so, do you spend that last night alone with your thoughts? Or do you have someone special holding you oh so tight while you share memories and all the love within your heart.

Are there people you make sure to apologize to? People you tell how you truly feel because you’ve held it in due to fear. Do you have secrets you admit to, or do you take them to the grave with you?

When the sunlight hits your skin during that final day, do you soak it all in with a smile, or with tears streaming down your face? I know I would be doing both; soft smile while slow, warm tears fell down my cheeks as I was looking up at the sky.

How many things would you participate in just one more time, for the last time? Does your heart hurt? Is your soul at peace? Do you even tell anyone about the tragedy that you know is about to happen? Could you even say it out loud? And yes. It is a tragedy. You are beautiful. You are loved. Your life matters. You being gone will hurt more people than you know. And you know why that is?

It’s because people would rather hide their feelings than to express them, so think about it. If it were your true last day being alive, what would you actually do?

Put your hand over your heart… feel it beating? You ARE alive. Go do all those things that flooded your mind when you thought about your death. Call all those people whose names entered your mind when you thought about your loved ones.

Once you’re gone, you can’t do it. You can’t say it. You can’t feel it, and they will never know. If that’s the case, can you live in whatever afterlife awaits like that? Knowing what you know and watching those who love you, and those you love just sit and wonder.


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