Faith Built From Failure…

Faith Built From Failure

 As time continued to pass while I lay upon the bedrock, a window of hope I didn’t know was there continued to shrink. “A personality change sufficient enough to bring about recovery”, this was my window. I laid in misery and shame, in an instant the pricelessness I know today held those emotions was expressed. These feelings of turmoil relentlessly pushed me through enough pain to reach that window. A willingness to experience life freely was the exponentially growing gift that was on the other side, a gift given from an undisclosed divine location.

Being able to use my personal experience of transformation to guide someone else through his or her own window makes any moment an inconceivable majestic blessing I never should have been grace with to experience.

Patience, tolerance, and open-mindedness have paved this path of purpose, but I did not pave it. I have only done a wholehearted strive to practice my part of honestly staying on this path through work that is a product from a seed of selflessness intentions and actions. Although even still, I’m not a perfect gardener and don’t always produce what nature intended.

So what has allowed this revolutionary growth of my spirit, of my personality? A power great enough to ,even for just a moment, pry off the grasp that self-destruction had around me? If it was left to me I could never had created a space of such serene abundance of positive change to unfold.

So as I look back to the moment I laid there, point A. I see that myself alone could not have created that opportunity for all this majesty that has unfolded in my life there after that moment of transformation and brought me to this new point of freedom, point B. Even now as I remember that incomprehensible moment I am splashed with gratitude in only a way I understand. From that day 0 I have been believed in. To that believer in me I strive to continuously give over my thinking and actions, so they will continue to be cared for to reach miraculous promises held in a happy destiny, point C.


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We all have our gifts, our unique qualities that allow us to achieve greatness in our own particular way, Urban…

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