How Fair Trade Empowers Women…

How Fair Trade Empowers Women


You may not realize it, but women do more than men in much of the world. They feed their families, nurse the sick, produce half the world’s food supply, and nearly 2/3 of the world’s work hours.

Women represent half of our worldwide population, but the unfortunate reality is they only receive 1/10 of the world’s income, own only 1% of its property, and get disproportionate amounts of discrimination, violence, and impoverishment compared to men.

Obviously, this needs to change.

But how do we alleviate a problem that seems to be so systemic, so pervasive, and so entrenched in so many parts of the world?

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Opportunity is Key

Interestingly, it’s not direct aid that creates lasting change to a society; it’s economic opportunity and empowerment. And how do we do that? Through equitable commerce models.

This is where the Fair Trade movement comes in.

The big picture of the fair trade movement is fairness for producers and suppliers — an easy enough idea to get behind, if a rather abstract one. But how does this concept of fairness translate into the day-to-day operations of fair-trade workers and organizations?

Fair Trade means fair for everybody

As it turns out, a commitment to non-discrimination and women’s economic empowerment is an explicit and integral part of any fair-trade system. Fair-trade organizations, such as those we partner with, are not only required to make sure that women’s working conditions and compensation are fair and equal to those of men but also that health and safety needs particular to women, such as time off for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, are part of the equation.

A new way to support women artisans

For Sivana, empowering women and artisans has been a priority since day one. With more and more socially-conscious consumers looking for ways to make an impact, we knew it was important to make it easy.

With Sivana, you can shop all your favorite fashion, jewelry, and home decor treasures knowing that each purchase benefits conscious consumerism.


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