3 Weird Facts About Buddha You Never Knew…

3 Weird Facts About Buddha You Never Knew

The Mysterious Buddha

Buddha is definitely one of the most important important figures in human history.

His influence is undeniable!

But as is usually the case when historical figures are investigated, there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Here are 3 facts that may blow your mind…

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Buddha was not a Religious Figure

Buddha considered himself to be a witness and conveyor of truth, not a god or religious figure.

In his mind, he was only showing a path, and doing his utmost to help others.

There was not even a small desire to become a revered figure. In fact, Buddha had the opportunity to portray himself as a god many times and simply didn’t act on it.

Moreover, he wasn’t even trying to start a religion!

Buddhism is a universal path and philosophy that can be followed by anyone in the world- not a religion.

Buddha was not a Vegetarian

A big surprise to many people- and perhaps a disappointment- is that Buddha frequently ate meat.

Many times, Buddha was invited to households or royal banquets and partook in the food given to him.

But he preferred to be vegetarian.

Buddha believed in the principle of non-violence and limited any wrong-doing to anyone.

But when he was in certain circumstances, it became extremely rude to deny gifts of food from hosts or well-wishers.

Hence, he routinely broke his preference.

Buddha will have a Second Coming

Just like Christians believe Jesus will return to earth, many Buddhists believe Buddha will reincarnate again.

Called Maitreya, this future Buddha will return when Dharma has been completely forgotten on earth.

His purpose would be to teach the purist form of Dharma, saving humanity from itself.


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