Exploring The Oceanic Depths Of Your Mind…

Exploring The Oceanic Depths Of Your Mind

“Gaze, for a while, at the vast expanse of the ocean. Its surface is turbulent, waves crashing, spewing millions of water droplets into the air. But as you dive deeper, the turbulence subsides; at its depths is silence and peace. Ordinarily you may experience only the surface of your mind’s potential — the crashing waves of emotion, millions of thoughts like tiny drops of water flying in every direction. Meditation helps you dive deeply into your mind, and in the process, uncover hidden treasures.”

Control Your Thoughts, Find Answers to Your Questions

As you discover the deeper aspects of your mind, you become better able to control your thoughts, your actions, and your reactions to the external world.

“Who am I?” “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?” are question whose answers are revealed as your feeling of individual existence merges with infinite awareness.

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Still the Waves

In another way, your mind is like the ocean reflecting the image of the moon. It is possible to see the refection of the moon on the water only when the water is calm, not when the waves are turbulent.

Similarly, pure consciousness is only revealed when your mind is calm and still, when the agitated waves of thought and desire cease.

Beyond Materialistic Thought

The old materialistic concepts about the origin and composition of mind and matter dissolve as we learn that matter is nothing but bottled-up energy, a pattern of waves in endless motion. Everything, from matter to thought, is made up of these waves.

Physicists are beginning to recognize that intelligence is at the source of all creation. Physicist Lincoln Barnett was perhaps speaking of the connection between matter and spirit when he said,

“In the evolution of scientific thought one fact has become impressively clear: there is no mystery of the physical world which does not point to a mystery beyond itself.”

Through the science of intuition, or the practice of meditation, you explore these mysteries, discovering the subtle substance from which the universe evolves, which we call infinite consciousness, or Brahma.

True Freedom

There is a hunger for limitless freedom and happiness within every person.

We seek freedom from the bondage of time, place, and person.

We want to surmount time, replacing walking with supersonic travel; we try to expand our spatial boundaries with instantaneous communication and transport systems, stretching even into outer space.

We attempt to surpass our personal limitations with dramas, masks, stories, personal love, and with endless attempts to create the “new me.” All these attempts lead to exploration, invention, and efforts at social, political, economic, and sexual freedom.

But the only absolute freedom is to go beyond material progress and reach for expanded consciousness.


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