Experiencing The Universe…

Experiencing The Universe

My experience of the UNIVERSE is as a Unifying Network of Infinite Vast and Eclectic Receptacle of Spiritual Energy

1. UNIFYING: we are all spiritual beings living a human life; we are connected through the infinite wisdom of this vast universe and higher power. Whatever energy we send out, it sends back to us.

2. NETWORK: as connected spiritual beings, the other reveals who we are; and we reveal who we are through their lenses. We learn to interpret through the lens of our gender, age, culture and society; when we know this, we can take moments of judgment away, because sometimes the lens we have are not our true selves, but shells placed there by others. When we judge, we get judged; when we love we get loved. What we send out, we receive – by virtue that we are interconnected.

3. INFINITE: the universe is larger than the human eye, knowledge and collective intelligence; however and as we are connected to each other as a family, community, nation, region, world and solar system – we are connected to every living thing on the planet and to everything beyond anything we can possibly fathom

4. VAST: there is no limit to what we are made of, where we can be and where we are going. Our choices – whether individual or collective – determine where we go. Where are your choices leading you today?

5. ECLECTIC: with all this in mind, how can we describe ourselves as one thing; we are unique as individuals, but at the same time, one and the same thing. Through the expanded definition of the quantum world, we are separated only by the socio-cultural terms that man describes; but truly we are one thing separated by space. It’s our definition of what space is that creates our individual and or collective reality

6. RECEPTACLE: the higher intelligence is a receptacle for you and I and it within and without us – there is no distance, nor is there any time; you are the determiner of the measuring tool. A child has a shorter measuring tool than the adult who has lived many more years and has accumulated experience and hopefully knowledge. Time for a child is therefore more compressed because of their measuring tool which is shorter than that of an adult. As a result, a lot of things seem rather urgent and patience is limited; however, the more years go buy, the longer the ruler, the measuring stick, the more patience we have

7. SPIRITUAL: I am a spirit, I have a soul; you have a spirit, you have a soul – together we are connected, deeply we are. Only when we address the personas we have created, can we truly see this

8. ENERGY: the type of energy I vibrate out is the type of energy the universe will bring to me. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. I attract what I give out. When I send out love, love comes back to me; when I understand that we are all spiritual beings living a human life but connected to the vast and intelligence of this universe, I know that who I am is who you are; you are me and me you.

UNIVERSE as described by Dr. Wayne Dyer is: UNI = ONE; VERSE = SOUL. We are one soul.


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Barbara Mutedzi

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Barbara is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in Neuroscience-based coaching; with a background in Health and Community Psychology, Socio-cultural and…

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