Existential me

Purpose of What

Help me Escape exit this mess                     Death and ill health inevitable distress

Purposeful gaze mirrors real intent           Leaves a soul depleted and totally spent

But through chaos one thought remains clear    My family life to which I hold dear

Finding a way to break through such torment Unhappy hearts seek to connect and are meant

To travel this path so solitary and confined When passing others outreach and be kind

To one and the same or what surely remains   Is scarily cut off from the life we obtain

Purpose of what is something we all seek          A future to brighten smile open eyes peek

What comes back to your gaze can never be broken                                                                      A life of mere mortals finding happiness not mere token


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Scott Einiger

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I am a writer, poet and spiritual truth seeker. I believe we each have a unique purpose and important voice.…

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