Everything You Need To Know About Jasper Gemstone…

Everything You Need To Know About Jasper Gemstone

What a stunningly beautiful crystal Jasper is, and it comes in so many colours and variations. It was one of the first crystals that I truly fell in love with, and my red jasper heart is never very far from my side. Jasper is a multi layered variety of opaque chalcedony, its colours can be red, yellow, green, brown, blue or purple. You can also get a mixture of colours – Mookaite is a favorite Jasper of mine its a mixtures of reds and orangey/yellow. The earthy colours of Jasper bring a slow, steady release of a grounding and stabilising energy. Jasper is a really good crystal to have to hand during times of stress, it sustains and supports you.

I have a Mookaite Jasper pendulum – this is my Reiki pendulum, it was gifted to me at my reiki level 1 training and my connection with it is strong. I use it in my healing sessions to help check the energy flow of Chakra centres. Jasper is a great assistant for Dowsing!! There are many ways Jasper can help and support us as I shall explain, and when you add the different colour variations they each have added healing properties.

Jasper brings with it tranquillity and wholeness, it supports all aspects of your life. Its good for aligning our chakra centres, and provides a balancing energy for our physical, emotional and mental bodies. It has cleansing properties also, clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution including radiation. There are many variants of Jasper and, I could write about them all, but I wont! I shall focus on the energy and properties of my top few favorites.

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The different forms of jasper

Red Jasper is associated with – Root/Base Chakra, zodiac sign – Aries and Capricorn , and the elements of Earth and Fire. This is a gently stimulating stone, it helps to anchor you with its peaceful and calming vibes. Jasper enhances protection, promotes astral travel, dream recall and can assist with shamanic journeying. Its very nurturing and it encourages those behaviours within you also.

Yellow Jasper – associated with the solar plexus chakra centre and the element of Air . Yellow Jasper is used for protection in both the physical and spiritual worlds. This crystal guides you on your path and through your earthly experiences. It is also known as the stone of intellect and great for writing or poetry. This crystal helps ease problems within the digestive system.

Kambaba Japer (the green one!) I have very recently taken a huge liking to this crystal and have been working with it a lot. Associated with the Heart Chakra and the zodiac sign of Scorpio, it hold a mysterious air of magic about it! Kambaba Jasper is the new name for Fossilised Stromatolite Algae (who knew hey!?) it can also be known as Crocodile Jasper. Kambaba increases your self worth, reduces your fears and brings wisdom. It cleanses the body of toxins and helps with the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. A good stone for supporting your immune system.

Mookaite Jasper  is a wonderful mixture of earthy reds and yellows. It connects with your heart, solar plexus and base chakra energy centres. It provides a nurturing, shielding and grounding vibration. Fabulous for decision making, new ideas and boosting energy!

Brecciated Jasper – this is red jasper veined with hematite  this crystal brings with it all the qualities of red jasper with the addition of the shielding and grounding properties of hematite. So I use this in the morning to help me feel grounded before I tackle the day.

Kiwi Jasper –  this is a new crystal to me and when I bought it, I knew what it was but I hadn’t looked into its healing properties. I like doing that because usually then you see why you have been drawn to it – that’s the magic of crystals! For a Jasper this one feels quite high in the vibration scale. Another great cleanser, Kiwi Jasper also neutralises negativity and cleanses your aura. Its also good for dream recall – but the night I spent with it by my bed – it was definitely too high vibrational for me! Its a good one for Shamanic journeying so I shall be using it for that and for meditation! Its very beautiful to look at too!!

How to use Jasper

Jasper is a crystal I would recommend to anyone and there are several ways in which you can incorporate its energy within your life-

  • Wear Jasper to balance your aura
  • Carry Jasper reduce loneliness – its very nurturing!
  • Work with Jasper when doing any form of divination
  • Sleep with red Jasper under your pillow to aid dream recall – please note this may not work for everyone. Crystals and night-time energies can be sensitive so trial and error may be required!
  • meditate with Jasper to feel grounded, cleansed and aligned.

Use Jasper regularly its energy is slow and steady! However you choose to bring Jasper into your life – you wont be disappointed I can promise you that. It carries an energy that is calming and nurturing – it is after all known as the Supreme Nurturer – and who doesn’t need a bit of that right know? Thanks again for reading my blog this week. I hope you have found it helpful and informative. I would live to hear if you have any Jasper crystals and if so how you use them. It would also be lovely to hear whether this has inspired you to add some Jasper to your crystal collection.

Reiki blessings and crystal love to you all.


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