Everything Is Figureoutable If Only We Remain Curious- New Moon In Sagittarius 26th November…

Everything Is Figureoutable If Only We Remain Curious- New Moon In Sagittarius 26th November

Hopefully you are feeling a little more grounded after the Full Moon in Taurus 2 weeks ago, sensing both feet planted on what feels like – at the very least – ever so slightly firmer ground. Boy do we need this after wading through the emotional sludge of Scorpio season. Trying to gain forward momentum whilst deep in the undertow of shadow and release is never easy, but move forward we must – along both the collective and our personal authenticity paths AKA the journey towards the January 2020 Saturn/ Jupiter conjunction – in fact all the big hitting planetary alignments – ready to create a world in which we can embrace our authenticity.

The new moon in Sagittarius on 26th November is the next point on this cosmic yellow brick road where we could well sense the energetic landscape shift and find new gifts lying in our path.

Remember that not all gifts come in shiny paper and have big red bows – they aren’t always what we had on our ‘Dear Santa’ list, in fact may look completely different to our vision of a fabulous bequest and oftentimes take time to reveal their beneficial legacy.

With Mars and Uranus opposing each other at this lunation – we could well find these gifts a lot more explosive, angry and expressive than our favourite gin selection, box of chocolates and copy of ‘Maria Forleo’s – Everything is Figureoutable’ that perhaps we were hoping to find under the tree – though this is actually the perfect manual to maximising this inspiring and hopeful Sagittarian energy. Definitely park the gin though until this supercharged lunation passes – it’s not called mother ruin for no reason – with the Cancer eclipse coming up in January 2020 – it will be super useful then!

This energy has the potential to lead to sudden events, uprisings, impulses to act in ways that express the collective frustration that is currently bubbling beneath the polite and socially acceptable faces we put on to be present in the world. The varying political clown shows on display across the world, the environmental catastrophe that mother earth is teetering on the edge of and the increasing evidence of the way we have sold our lives to corporate culture – they all need addressing and those with even a smidgen of any kind of empathic ability or energetically sensitive nature are feeling the impulse brewing to make change happen – to address this imbalance in the world and play their part in creating a shift.

This is a time – en-route towards the fabled ending of the patriarchy and into a much more balanced way of living with the divine feminine and masculine working in partnership not separately – where we can see that for the larger stuff to change we have to make small changes in our own lives, even if it’s just about living in our truth and from our hearts – that is plenty.

Overall this lunation is a high vibe super soul inspiring event – a fabulous opportunity to connect with our higher purpose – giving us reason for keeping forward momentum towards the Cosmic Emerald City of 2020 and thereafter returning to whatever our version of Kansas is – a place ready to embrace, cherish and nourish our new ‘I am enough’ heart centred personas.

This is particularly salient as this new moon also comes immediately after Jupiter the planet of hope, faith and expansion has met with the Galactic Center (GC) – the centre of all cosmic intelligence – in Sagittarius.

Steeped in this Galactic Center resonance we will have our own personal 5G connection to the universe – downloads, inspiration, aha moments are here at this time to affirm the choices we have made/ events that have happened since April this year. Find space over the few days to sit in silence and connect with your heart space and see what arises – it should at the very least be interesting!

Immersed in these clear, prophetic fires of Sagittarius, with the turbo boost of the GC vibes we can dry out, releasing ourselves from the deep watery emotion that was necessary during Scorpio season to help us uncover the beliefs holding us back and weighing us down, especially those hidden in the shadow.

We can step into the clear, light, transformational fire of Sagittarius that arises after we have surrendered everything that no longer serves us – the alchemical energy that helps us birth anew from the ashes – that turns loss into liberation, sorrow into hope and death into life.

It gifts us the ability to rise up out of the everyday doing, a planetary ‘leg up’ to enable us to put our heads above the clouds to see what the actual point of it all is and perhaps even where this dharmic road is taking us.

At the very least finding faith – belief that although life feels like it is still swirling around us like a tornado, we know that we and all the moving parts, will land exactly where they need to, to reflect our personal truth that we are reconnecting with and embracing during this profound period of personal and world transformation.

‘It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then.’- Alice, Alice In Wonderland“

In an attempt to ground this vibe bringing it back down to more earthly and material concerns I am going to throw in the ‘money’ word at this point. Venus is also being amplified by Jupiter right now and for anyone who has any planets around 29 degrees of the fire signs I would definitely be hot footing it out to get myself at least one lottery ticket over the next month – with this energetic fire in play anything materially abundant is possible.

Venus also gifts us beautiful heart centred energy and combined with Sagittarius’ inspirational and expansive spirit it will help us to stay open to life whatever is going down in yours right now.

To move forward with an open heart and, like Alice down the rabbit hole, remain curious about where this journey is taking us – open our minds to allow new thoughts of what is possible and dare to follow our hearts and be lead by life’s synchronicities – this is how we know we are still on the cosmic yellow brick road to the authenticity reboot of 2020.

Finally in true Alice style over the next month make it your practice to believe ‘6 impossible things before breakfast’, follow whichever path you fancy (you’ll always end up somewhere) and embrace who you are right now – it may well change several times before 2020 is out.

And the moral of that is—‘Be what you would seem to be’—or, if you’d like it put more simply—‘Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise.’—The Mock Turtle’s Story, Alice in Wonderland


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