Everything Is Energy

Science tells us that everything is energy. Everything that exists is made up of energy as its most basic level. The earth, our food, our water, even our music. Everything we know and interact with has its own energy frequency, or vibration. Every person you meet also has his or her own energy frequency, or vibration. The universe all around us is energy.This is how I explain the energy of crystals in my holisticclasses: Look around you. Do you believe that the earth is alive? Food and water keep us alive. That means the source of our food and water – Mother Earth, is alive, too. The earth, and everything in the earth, has its own specific frequency of energy. We can use this energy to heal ourselves. The energy of crystals can be used to help balance out our own energy.If you ever feel flustered, anxious, overwhelmed, or anyunwanted emotion, just step outside for a few minutes, and stand barefoot on the earth. Closing your eyes, take three to ten deep breaths and FEEL your feet against the earth. Feel the warmth or coolness. Feel the texture of the surface under your feet. As you focus your attention on your feet connecting to the earth, you will begin to connect to the energy frequency of the earth. The earth’s energy frequency will begin to positively affect your energy frequency and bring your energy back to its normal vibration.If you like, you can take it even further. As you stand still and quiet, imagine that you are a tree with roots growing out of the soles of your feet. These roots will help you feel more grounded in your own power, rather than at the mercy of your unwanted emotions. Next, imagine your roots extending down through the layers of the earth, branching out in all directions, going deeper and deeper. See a root reaching out and wrapping around a big, brilliant pink stone – a rose quartz crystal. Rose quartz has a calming energy and is known as the stone of peace and unconditional love.As the root wraps around the Rose Quartz, see the energyof peace and unconditional love pulsing in the stone. Watch the Rose Quartz share its peaceful, loving energy, as you see a pink pulsating light travel from the stone, into the root. Watch the pink pulsating energy travel up the roots, all the way back up through the layers of the earth, and into the soles of your feet. Feel the peaceful, unconditional love flowing into your body as it enters the soles of your feet. Watch as your body slowly fills to the top of your head with this peaceful, loving energy. Know that every cell and molecule is filling with this peace and unconditional love.As we take a few moments to consciously connect withMother Earth and feel our feet on the grass, we change our energy fields. This simple activity helps us ground and center, regain our emotional footing, and return us to our true selves. It helps us let go of the unwanted feelings and fills our bodies with LOVE. We are so blessed. We can connect like a plug into the Earth’s energy and immediately feel better anytime we like.


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Natalia Love


Rev. Natalie is a Metaphysical Teacher, Reiki Master, Empowerment and Inspirational Leader, Goddess Circle facilitator and author. She has been…

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