Everything About Yoga

Today, we shall discuss everything about yoga that everyone should know.

The popularity of yoga is increasing day by day all over the world. Different people have different reasons to practice it. As some want to attain peace of mind and soul and some just want physical strength and flexibility. Though yoga is much more than these things, people hardly go out of the way to learn or understand other aspects of it.

Do you know the history of yoga and how it evolved over time? If no, then let’s continue to this blog to know everything about yoga.

History of Yoga

Yoga has a rich history, though there is no specifically acknowledged origin of it. It is believed that yoga started long before the founding of any faith or religion. It is expected to be at least eight to ten thousand years old.

Ancient History

There is no certainty in the time of the origin of Yoga and its practices. It possibly started emerging in the middle ages in ancient India. With regard to religion, it is not connected to one but many such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

Also, the earliest track of the tradition of Yoga is discovered in Rig Veda. But there is no description of its practice. However, practices like Pranayama and Pratyahara are mentioned in Upanishads.

Furthermore, some Buddhist sources of earlier times like Majjhima Nikāya cite about Mediation and Mediators but without using the term Yoga. Besides, Katha Upanishad is considered as the first text to use the term Yoga in the contemporary context and highlights its fundamental principles.

However, Yoga Sutras is considered the first formal and conventional assortment of Yoga doctrine. It was anthologized by the sage Patanjali and considered one of the most important compilations of yoga at present.

Modern History

Yoga was not introduced to the west until the mid 19th century. Swami Vivekananda was the first teacher who diffused and vindicated the aspects of yoga in western countries. N.C Paul is also given the credit to introduce yoga to the broader western audience. His book Treaties on Yoga Philosophy is probably the first of its kind which tried to connect yoga and modern medicine.

Initially, the physical aspect of yoga got more attention in the modern world. The practice and learning of other aspects like meditation took time to spread and practice. Still, the physical aspects like asanas are more popular but knowledge of other aspect is increasing gradually.

Modern Yoga

Today, the word yoga is generally linked to the postures or asanas. It is associated with the physical aspect of Yoga. It is more about pranayama, asanas, vinyasas, and meditation. Modern yoga is considered as the blend of Western-style gymnastics with Hatha yoga’s asanas.

Purpose of Yoga

The purpose of yoga cannot be written or settled down in a specific manner. As I mentioned earlier, the goal of practicing and learning yoga might be different for everyone. For example, some may practice just the physical aspect of yoga to get a great, flexible and strong body. Some just want the stability of their mind and soul. Some just want inner peace through meditation. However, the superlative goal of practicing yoga is considered to get salvation or moksha.

Yoga as Therapeutic and Curative Practice

Yoga certainly has positive effects on a human being. It provides flexibility, strength, and Inner peace to one’s body. It is found that practicing yoga helps in the improvement of the psychological health of cancer patients. Yoga helps in anxiety, insomnia, depression and reducing stress and blood pressure. There are many diseases and problems that can be cured and prevent by practicing yoga, e.g. back pain, cervical spondylitis, etc

Yoga is one of the most fundamental practices that should be pursued by everyone. Its rich and glorious history has made it worthy of every appraisal it gets all around the world. If you want to bring changes in your life, start with practicing yoga. You can do yoga at home, or join a yoga studio or pursue a yoga teacher training.


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